Rajya Sabha MP Urges Government to Tax and Regulate Online Games

A BJP lawmaker brought the question of unregulated online gaming to the Zero Hour session in the Senate. Concrete legislation…

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Latest Casino and Gambling Trends in 2022

Introduction The online casino industry has experienced significant growth in the past year, thanks to game developers making technological advances…

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Guide to Increase Your Winning Chances in Online Blackjack

A Blackjack game is usually played on a virtual semi-circular table with seven players and a dealer. The game would…

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Read about the strategies to be put in play to win black queen card game

Online card games are gaining popularity all around the world. They are intriguing, fill time with fun and many times…

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App Store Awards 2021

The end of the year marks the traditional awards season when those that have made the biggest contribution in any…

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90% of Indian Gamers Prefer Mobile Games

Recent statistics on gaming now show that 90 percent of India’s gamers prefer mobile phones to consoles or computer games.…

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