Create An App with Power Apps Without Coding Through Passing Microsoft PL-100 Exam

While having an app is the need of time, not everyone is familiar with coding. Consequently, they cannot code an app to eliminate repetitive processes and achieve efficiency. But thanks to Microsoft Power App service, anyone with a solution-oriented mindset and a little bit of technical knowledge can develop one’s business by creating business apps quickly and efficiently.


Let’s understand what Exam-Labs is, and what are the advantages of learning more about it.

5 Advantages of Using Power Apps

While there are mediums available for app creation, Power Apps offers a unique blend combining app creation with creativity and simplicity. It represents a suite of apps, connectors, services, and data platform and provides environment for developing and building apps that meet your business requirements. Hence, below, we will discuss the advantages of using Power Apps. 

  • Easy App Creation

The first and foremost advantage of the Microsoft 70-486 is easy app creation. From simply opening the portal to create a canvas app or using already available templates, the app creation, depending on your problem, can be done in several hours.

  • Integrations and Connections

Power Apps, due to being a Microsoft suite, offers integration of tons of other applications. You can create an app and connect your data stored in such data sources as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and SQL Server or in Microsoft Dataverse data platform. The possibilities with Power Apps are endless, all within several hours.

  • Low Code or No Code Business Solutions

While with Power Apps, you will be building powerful applications, that does not mean it requires technical skills. A Microsoft MS-900 who is fairly comfortable with technology and searching online can perform most of the required tasks. It is an easy way to create apps with business logic and competent features in no time.

  • Powerful AI Capabilities 

With Power Apps, you can integrate AI model capabilities into your apps. With Microsoft AI builder and Power Apps, you can integrate tons of operations from the AI model that before Power Apps, were only possible through using code. You can create a customized model for analyzing sentiments in text, processing text, or extracting text from sentences. 

  • Role-Based Permissions

You can Microsoft 70-761 and specify edit access based on the role. Hence, the apps built with Power Apps are secured by using top-notch security features of Microsoft. You can specify what is relevant to what users based on their designation. 

  • Automation

It only gets better with the integrated environment Microsoft offers. You can automate processes with the help of using Microsoft 70-778 along with Power Apps. The tasks that might feel repetitive can be handled by the workflows for a more efficient solution. Moreover, you can apply some logic and trigger these automated flows from Power Apps too.

Step Up Your Power Apps Skills With PL-100

Using Power Apps you will also deal with Microsoft Power Platform. This in turn is a technology that contains 4 products such as Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. Since the platform is a broader term, it helps to analyze data, create solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents, without in-depth technical skills. This Platform also required new job positions to build solutions and develop business. That’s how the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker appeared. 

Currently, Microsoft offers its candidates to pass the PL-100 exam, also known as the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker test, and earn the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate certification. It validates your knowledge of Microsoft AZ-301 and proves skills to create efficient solutions for your organization. After passing the exam, you automatically become a valuable asset to your team who can create 3 types of apps, such as model-driven, canvas, and portal by using App designer, Power App Studio, or Power Apps Portal Studio. 


Power Apps has given the “power” to a person without any coding background to create cost-effective solutions. It is a rapid-development environment, packed with all the tools required to create tailored business solutions. With a little bit of knowledge and preparation, anyone can build apps and become a certified Power App Maker after passing the PL-100 exam from Microsoft.

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