A delicious chew on this National Nut Day

Nuts are a very popular fruit that has a hard shell and a seed that is usually edible. In culinary…

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World Food Day is celebrated today: What we need to know

World food day is celebrated every year on October 16, 2020 every year for awareness on food security. Food and…

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Let’s Grow and nourish together on this WORLD FOOD DAY

World Food Day is celebrated worldwide on 16 October every year in honor of the founding of the Food and…

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8 Interesting facts about coconut you may not know

Coconut is a drupe obtained from cocos Nucifera palm belonging to the palm family Arecaceae. Coconut is a healthy nut…

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Five most likable Humpty dumplings

Dumpling is a broad classification for a dish that consists of pieces of dough wrapped around a filling, or of…

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Why fermented foods need to be included in your diet

Foods that have undergone controlled microbial growth or undergone the process of fermentation are called fermented foods. Fermentation is an…

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Top 8 Punjabi food that’s loved by everyone

When it comes to Punjabi dishes, it is irresistible for anyone on this planet!! Especially north Indians will find it…

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Most Expensive Foods and Drinks to Keep the Royal Families Satisfied

The world is full of many costly and luxurious food and drink items with which you can satisfy royal families.…

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TalktoWendys: TalktoWendys Customer Survey [Free Wendy Coupons]

TalktoWendys: TalktoWendys Customer Survey [Free Wendy Coupons] TalktoWendys: Wendy is widely known for its quality food and service. It takes…

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