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Get all the Latest App News, Latest Android Apps, Technology News. Latest IOS App News, App Latest News and Many More with Digihunt. Now technology and science have become so advanced, And it has become common that every second-day companies do some special additions and updates to the apps installed by the users.

You must have seen the App Update available notification when you use any specific applications. That is basically the feature that the tech companies add to the applications. Here in our blog on Digihunt, we provide you with all the latest apps news. Get updates related to the new apps launched and additions done to the existing one.
So if you love your Smartphone/gadgets to have all the latest applications then you must connect with our web portal Digihunt. check the Latest Apps News regularly. You will not only love the stuff but also it will be useful for you further.

Voot App For Pc

Best Methods To Download The Voot App For Pc

Willing to Download the Voot App for PC? Here are the easy instructions that will help you out. The Voot is a video streaming...
Best Hashtags For Tik Tok

Best Hashtags For Tik Tok in India To Viral Videos and Likes

Tik Tok hashtags A sentence or a word written after a hashtag on Tik Tok is called as Tik Tok hashtag. Tik Tok hashtags can...
Image design apps

Top 5 Android Apps to Design Images like a Pro

Research agencies confirm that the Android mobile platform has overtaken the iOS and Windows mobile platforms in terms of the number of users. There...
Xiaomi Mint browser

Xiaomi Mint browser launched with dark mode and more

Xiaomi Mint browser launched with dark mode and more Today everyone knows Xiaomi as a hardware-centric company but the fact is that the first invention...
Data Does Spotify Use

How Much Data Does Spotify Use?

How Much Data Does Spotify Use? Data Does Spotify Use: India is definitely a country full of talented people and when it comes to music, there...
best android launchers 2019

Best Android Launchers in 2019: Top 8 Android Launchers 2019

Best Android Launchers in 2019 Are you interested in changing the user interface of your Android device? If yes then this article will definitely...
slot game

India’s Favourite Slot Game?

In the past few years, the online gambling industry has expanded considerably in India and there is even speculation that legalized gambling which concerns...
live tv apps for Android tv

5 Best Free Live TV Apps for Android TV and Firestick

What if you get a detail guidelines for live TV on Android TV and Firestick? Yes, you heard it right. We are here to...
TikTOK banned in india

TikTok Ban: Google and Apple Removed TikTok App From their App Store

TikTok Banned in India Google and Apple have removed TikTok from their platform after the Supreme Court refused to ban the order of banning Madras...

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