Gulshan Devaiah Shares He Receives ‘Inappropriate Pics In DMs’, Says ‘I’ve Tried To Avoid…’

Actor Gulshan Devaiah is set to be seen as the lead in Taapsee Pannu co-starrer psychological thriller Blurr. As the movie starts streaming on OTT today, the actor opened up about receiving inappropriate pics from people in DMs. The actor shares that he finds these texts awkward and he tries to respond to all the DMs that he gets as diligently as possible.


In an interview with Etimes, the Shaitan actor was asked how does he gauge audience reaction especially when the film isn’t releasing in theatre and is an OTT release. The actor said, “Mostly I get a lot of DMs if they really like something. And then generally, like if you do a hashtag search you get to know the kind of reaction. But I don’t do that too much. I try to respond to all the DMs that I get as diligently as possible, because I’m very grateful that people say nice things about me and appreciate it. “

“Streaming platforms have their own way of collecting and analysing data. I am curious about that but I don’t get involved in it too much. I try not to let that affect me too much. Like sometimes things are not doing really well, so I don’t want to be affected by that. I only want to focus on what I can do, what’s in my control. What’s beyond my control, I don’t want to worry about it,” adds Gulshan.

While talking about the DMs, the Hunterrr actor opened up on receiving awkward messages on social media. He said, “I do get awkward DMs, like people send me pictures of themselves. I think a lot of actors do get it. And I don’t think it’s weird, but it is inappropriate. In the beginning it was a bit odd, because you have clicked on it, so it shows them that I’ve already seen, so they know you, then that gets really weird. Like, how do I respond to this now? Do I delete it? Do I say, please don’t send me.”


” And sometimes I used to do that (laughs), like reply saying ‘thank you very much’ and ‘please don’t send things, this is inappropriate’. And then again, they will be like why don’t you like my picture? So I’m very fair and I have tried to avoid that,”he added.

As 2023 is just around the corner, on being asked the one thing you hope to change in 2023, he said, “Nothing, I don’t have any feedback yet. I’m just going to go with the flow. I read a beautiful quote by Stephen Fry, a wonderful actor and a very eminent writer and scholar. He’s like, ‘We’re not nouns, we’re verbs’. I don’t know what that means to me yet, but I’m thinking about that. I’m trying to see how this can be relevant to my life, particularly as an actor and as a human being as well.”

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