Bigg Boss 16 Tina Dutta Cried Bitterly After A Fight With Soundarya Over Tofu Said Send Me Bigg Boss Home | Bigg Boss 16: After a fight with Soundarya over ‘Tofu’, Tina wept bitterly, said

Bigg Boss 16: Every day of Bigg Boss 16 is becoming quite entertaining. Quarrels are also happening in the house on small issues. Even on the 68th day, there is a lot of fight between Tina and Soundarya in the house. During this, Tina cries bitterly and requests Bigg Boss to send Tina home.


Tina’s fight with Soundarya over tofu
Actually Tina makes Soundarya’s tofu for Shiva. After this, Soundarya gets into a fight with Tina over Tofu. There is a lot of debate between the two. Later, Tina comes to the room and starts crying, then Shaleen tries to pacify her and asks what happened. On this Tina says that she does this every time, I have not deliberately taken her tofu. Every time Soundarya questions my intentions. Shiva said so I made it.

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Argument between Soundarya and Shaleen
After this Soundarya comes in the room and says that you are crying for the wrong thing. Shaleen was also there when everything was happening. Shaleen says on this, are you fighting on useless things like tofu. After this, Tina screams at Soundarya that I do not want to talk to you, so why is she talking. After this Shiva, Nimrit and Sumbul also enter the room. On the other hand, Soundarya shouts that I have not questioned your intention. On the other hand, Tina keeps crying continuously, after which there is an argument between Shaleen and Soundarya. Courteous Soundarya is told not to talk loudly. At the same time, Soundarya tells Shaleen that you do not talk to me like this. Later, Nimrit pacifies both of them.

Tina wept bitterly
Soundarya comes out and says that she is creating an issue forcefully, today Sreejita has come, so she needs attention. Whereas Tina says that she wants to make me a villain. Why doesn’t she say anything to Nimrit, she has to go to that group, that’s why she is doing this. After this Tina starts crying bitterly. While Shaleen tries to silence Tina. After this Sajid also comes and tries to silence Tina who is crying loudly and asks what happened. On this, Tina says that she has been telling me for three weeks that my intention is bad, then Sajid says that after listening from one ear, take it out from the other. Tina cries and says that even when I was crying, she came and shouted at me. Was. Tina gets very upset by this incident.

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