Bigg Boss 16 Day 67 Written Update 7 December Ankit Captaincy Becomes Boring New Task Done For Captain Contender | Bigg Boss 16 Day 67 Written Update: Ankit’s captaincy becomes boring, know the task done to claim the new captain in the house

Bigg Boss 16 Day 67 Written Update: The 67th day of Bigg Boss begins with the anthem. After this Nimrit Kaur is seen crying. Nimrit is talking to Shiv and then Sajid comes and asks what happened. Got in the nomination that’s why you are sad. On this Nimrit says no sir how can you say like that. Nimrit cries and says that she expects a lot from him and he does not give her time. Nimrit also says that 50 people come in a day and call her a weak contestant, due to which she is upset.


Bigg Boss gave a task for the new captain in the house
After this, Bigg Boss says that Ankit’s captaincy is very boring because Raja is very lethargic and the whole house is following his footsteps. After this, Bigg Boss gives the task of becoming the new captain in the house. Bigg Boss also gives Ankit the right to tell the names of those members whom he does not want to be contenders for the captaincy. After this, Ankit snatches the claim of captaincy from Sajid, Abdu, Archana, Shiv, Nimrit and Stan and keeps Priyanka, Shaleen, Tina, Sumbul and Soundarya among the contenders.

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In the first activity, Ankit disqualified the inmates.
When the Big Boss task starts, the director asks Ankit to tell the reason why you want to snatch the claim of captaincy from Sajid, Abdu, Archana, Shiv, Nimrit and Stan. After this, Ankit explains the reasons one by one and keeps the members locked up in jail. Outside, the captaincy contenders Priyanka, Shaleen, Tina, Sumbul and Soundarya monitor as police. In the first activity, the jailed contestant will have to take an impression of the key on clay to escape and Ankit will have to finalize it. During this, Soundarya monitors the key but the prisoners distract her and take out the key. Later, there is a lot of debate between all the contestants. After this, Bigg Boss has to come in between and he asks director Ankit whether the impression was taken or not. After this Ankit says that the key has been taken by pushing and shoving, so I disqualify the prisoner.

Captaincy task will be held among 6 members including Shiv
The task starts again and in the next activity Jailer Sumbul has to make the prisoners do gardening and the prisoner has to jump over the wall to escape. After this, Archana distracts Sumbul and Shiv manages to escape from the jail. Priyanka becomes the jailer in the third round. In this activity, the jailer on the board has to explain the value of the house to the inmates and the inmates have to escape from the tunnel. Archana tries to escape and Ankit disqualifies the prisoners. With this the work ends. Bigg Boss says that according to the condition of the task, the prisoners were able to escape in all the three rounds, but Ankit’s order is on his head. Therefore, even after being successful in absconding, the prisoners are out of claim for the captaincy. Next week there will be a battle for the captaincy between Sumbul, Shiv, Priyanka, Shaleen, Tina and Soundarya.

Ankit and Sajid’s truth came out
Bigg Boss calls Tina, Nimrit and Shiv to the confession room and questions them about Ankit and Sajid’s less participation in the house. They tell all three that Sajid and Ankit feel the same whether or not to work in the house. After this Big Boss says that the truth of Ankit and Sajid should come out and it should be the responsibility of all three of you. With this the episode of the 67th day ends. Tomorrow there will be a wild card entry of Sreejita Dey in the house to settle old scores, after which the equation of relationships will once again be seen changing.

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