Zootopia+ Director Josie Trinidad Talks About Interweaving the Series With The Film

After the 2016 film Zootopia introduced us to the world of anthropomorphic mammals, the latest series, Zootopia+ gives us a detailed glimpse into the individual lives and storylines of some of those characters. The short-form series that delves deeper into the lives of some of those characters such as Bonnie Hopps and Stu Hopps among others, runs parallelly with the film’s plotline and is a part of the same universe.


During a press conference, which was attended by News18 as well, the actors, director, producer and songwriter spoke about the characters they chose to focus on and the series’ integration with the film. Talking about how the series runs parallel to the film, co-director Josie Trinidad explained, “I’m going to credit Trent Correy for that idea. Because he pitched the idea as something being interwoven into the movie, which I thought was really brilliant. Trent came forward with about 10 ideas for various shorts. Then we narrowed it down to six episodes. But what was great was that Trent also had this idea that there would be different genres, like action, romantic comedy or sort of a noir thriller episode and a heist one.”

Bonnie Hunt, who voiced the character of a rabbit Bonnie Hopps in the film, reprised her role in the series as well and one of the episodes saw her as an action-hero character. When asked how she approached portraying that, as it was unexpected, she answered, “It was fun. When you’re working with talent like Nathan, Josie, and Trent, you’re lucky because you know you’ve got the safety net of a good story, good intentions, and quality of character. And I think of every parent as an action hero. I don’t have any of my own children, but I have 15 nieces and nephews. When the one-year-old gets too close to the top of the steps, I’ve seen my sisters turn into action heroes. Moving faster than they’ve ever moved and lifting things they never thought they could ever lift to push things out of the way. It’s fun to play something that’s intelligent and kind and full of humour.”

Co-director Trent Correy also added how interweaving the story with the film benefitted the show and how it was better than doing a prequel or a sequel. He explained, “The early pitch was that it actually was a choose-your-own-adventure. So, you would watch the whole movie, and these would be embedded in there. And you could say, ‘Oh, I want to stay with Stu and Bonnie. And you’d click something on the screen. But it limited us a little bit. In terms of storytelling, we decided to lose that part of it. But I know we’re talking about characters a lot in terms of going back to revisit in the world. For me, it was also the places and going back to those areas you saw in the film and saying I want to see more of Mr Biggs’ house or I want to see more of the DMV. It was just wanting to go back to that moment.”


Zootopia+ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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