Video Of Tiger Shark Trying To Swallow Camera Goes Viral Again

Sharks are known to be one of the most dangerous marine predators. And, movies like the Deep Blue Sea, Jaws, and The Shallows, to name a few, have time and again struck fear in the hearts of many with the depiction of horrifying shark attacks. Many efficient scuba divers and marine experts, while on an undersea venture, also feel squeamish when they are alerted of sharks nearby.

Speaking of sharks, an old video of a Swiss-based cinematographer, Zimy Da Kid, has resurfaced on the internet. It shows the cinematographer having an almost near-death experience with a tiger shark. However, instead of attacking Zimy, the predator fish charges at his camera, trying to swallow the device but spitting it out eventually.

The viral video was originally posted on Instagram on April 21. “YUMMY. That moment this curious Tiger Shark decided to taste my Insta360 camera during our last Deep Sea Guardians expedition,” read the caption of Zimy’s post.

The dangerous video reveals a massive tiger shark charging at Zimy while he is underwater. Dashing forward toward the man, the shark surprises him by trying to swallow his Insta360 camera. Although the shark manages to fit the device in its gigantic mouth, it soon realizes that the camera is not edible and drops it on the seabed, swimming away from the spot.

From the amount of time the camera was inside the shark’s mouth, viewers got a glimpse of the predator fish’s internal organs. The footage captured parts of the tiger shark’s pointed teeth, enormous throat, and the inner walls of its gills.

Social media users were left stunned after watching the amazing footage captured inside the shark’s mouth. They were quick to share their reactions in the comments. “This is insane,” noted one user. “That was like a whole different dimension inside the shark. Never seen before,” exclaimed another. “The amazing amount of art that exists inside of this creator,” wrote a third user.

So far, the video has garnered over 440k views and received more than 17.2k likes on Instagram.

What are your thoughts on this shark encounter?

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