Downloaded these 3 dangerous apps on your phone? Remove them immediately!

If you have installed any of these 3 dangerous apps on your phone, uninstall it immediately! This is why.


Google Play Store puts millions of apps at your disposal for all tasks. However, with a reward comes a risk, as some of these apps have been flagged as malicious for containing dangerous code, stealing user data, violating privacy, and more. While Google closely monitors apps with its Play Protect promise, some can slip under the radar. These apps, when downloaded on your smartphone, can not only steal your data, but also potentially compromise your financial information, expose your phone to hacks and even lock your phone, leaving you with a worthless and overpriced paperweight .

According to a recent report, Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC) has flagged three Google Play Store apps with vulnerabilities that could give attackers access to execute arbitrary commands on your phone. All 3 apps are remote mouse and keyboard apps that allow a user to use a mouse or keyboard with the phone by connecting to a server.

The applications are:

1. Lazy mouse


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2. Telepad

3. PC keyboard

All 3 apps are very popular as they have more than 2 million downloads combined on the Google Play Store. The report states: “CyRC research has exposed weak or missing authentication mechanisms, missing authorization and insecure communication vulnerabilities in the three apps. Exploitation of the authentication and authorization vulnerabilities could allow unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary commands remotely.”

Therefore, if you have installed any of these apps on your smartphone, uninstall it immediately.

While there is no sure way to know which apps are unsafe on the Google Play Store, there are some signs you can look out for.

Signs to watch out for:

1. View the app permissions

With the new Android updates, every time you download an app, you will be asked for different permissions depending on its purpose. For example, a photo editing app may request access to your storage space, camera, microphone, and photo gallery. However, always keep an eye out for apps asking for unusual permissions, such as accessing your personal information, contacts, and more.

2. Check the reviews

Always check the app reviews before downloading. People post app reviews based on their user experience.

3. View the number of downloads

Any potentially malicious app may only have a handful of downloads. So only download apps that have already been downloaded a respectable number of times. However, with these 3 apps, this can also be a concern as they are often downloaded as mentioned above.

4. Read the app description

Google Play Store provides an app description along with information about the app creator. You can click on the developer’s name to see a list of other apps they have developed. Therefore, only install apps from trusted sources.

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