Shalin Bhanot Asks Tina Datta, ‘Do You Love Me?’

Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta’s relationship becomes a big point of discussion on Saturday’s episode. Several audience members who visit the sets question Shalin and Tina about the nature of their relationship. One audience member asks Tina to clarify whether she has feelings for Shalin, because it is not clear from her behaviour.

Tina is also asked why she behaves possessively with Shalin and doesn’t like it when he talks to the other women in the house. The audience member takes the names of Sumbul and Saundarya, saying that Tina doesn’t like it when Shalin talks to these girls. “Aapko kya lagta hai, Shalin Shah Rukh Khan hai jo saari ladkiyan inke peeche padi hongi,” the viewer asks.

Tina denies ever stopping Shalin from talking to anyone in the house. She also says that she doesn’t want to get involved in a relationship with Shalin on national television. She tells Shalin that she will stay away from him from now on as it is hampering her image. Shalin reacts that this will lead to a loss for him if Tina starts maintaining distance from him.

Salman half jokes that Shalin and Tina are not in love, rather, it is an affair between them. The housemates crack up at this.

Another audience member also questions Shalin, saying that he is getting overshadowed by Tina. Shalin is reminded that he had once said that Tina is using him. Shalin explains that he respects Tina a lot and she is a pillar of support for him in the house. “If there is anything more, Tina and I will discuss that once we are out of the house. I do not want anything to affect her dignity,” he says.

Nominations Sumbul, Sajid, Tina, Priyanka, MC Stan, Shalin and Shiv
Captain Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia
Tasks Kiska Dil Zyada Kaala, Who Should Be Kicked Out
Results Tina is voted more in ‘evil heart’ task, most housemates vote for Shalin to be kicked out
Exits None
Notes Salman Khan reprimands Archana Gautam for her words

Tina is also questioned about pretending to be friends with people for her own benefit, makes deals with people for her own gains, and she is only concerned about herself. An audience member asks if she is friends with Shalin for her own convenience. He also reveals that Tina had said that she would call off her friendship with Shalin once she becomes the captain, to which the housemates react with shock. Salman Khan also asks Tina if she is playing games with Shalin.

Later, Shalin has a discussion with Sajid about this. Sajid tries to remind him that Shalin was talking to him about his feelings for Tina a day ago. Sajid tells him to clarify the true nature of their relationship to each other.

Tina later voices her concerns about how their relationship is seeming to people watching the show. Shalin tries to pacify her but Tina leaves before the conversation is over. Shalin sighs and tells the cameras that it is very difficult to

At the end of the episode, after Salman leaves, Tina and Shalin sit down to discuss this once again. Shalin asks Tina straight up, “Do you love me?” Tina tells him not to ask her something she cannot truthfully answer in front of cameras.

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