Salman Khan Confronts Tina, Ankit-Priyanka Fight Post Keechad Uchhalo Task

Day 62 started with Bigg Boss revealing some things housemates have said about each other behind their backs. Backbiting is a regular part of this reality show, and when those words were revealed to the person they were about, obviously it did not lead to a pleasant situation.


First thing in the morning, Bigg Boss gathered the housemates and set up a screen where the things that have been said about a particular contestant would appear. That contestant would then have to guess who said those things about him/her. The person they would point out, would have put their head in the guillotine and mud water would be splashed on their face.

Nominations Sumbul, Sajid, Tina, Priyanka, MC Stan, Shalin and Shiv
Captain Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia
Tasks Keechad Uchhalo Task
Results Fight between Priyanka-Ankit, Tina-Archana
Exits Golden Boys take their leave
Notes Bigg Boss fans get to question housemates

Tina Datta was the first person to go up, and she failed to guess the right person 5 times. Finally, she guesses it right that Archana Gautam had commented that Tina’s dog’s death wasn’t a good enough reason for her to celebrate her birthday with the housemates. Tina calls Archana inhuman for not sympathising with her grief on losing her dog.

The task also leads to an increase in the already widening rift between Ankit and Priyanka. Ankit had told Saundarya that Priyanka always talks about the game and does not listen to anything he says. When this is revealed, Priyanka takes it very hard. She first fights with Saundarya, who tries to explain the context to Priyanka. Then she has another showdown with Ankit and refuses to listen to his explanation.


Later, Salman Khan question Priyanka for not listening to Ankit or taking his advice. He also points out that Ankit has been more vocal during the period of his breakup with Priyanka.

Salman also confronts Tina for not sharing the real reason for not celebrating her birthday with the housemates. He reprimands Tina for revealing to the housemates about the death of her dog, which should have remained between her and Bigg Boss. He then tells Tina that she should have told the housemates that she is upset on losing captaincy, and that’s why refused to celebrate her birthday.

The Golden Boys take their leave after spending a few days in the Bigg Boss house.

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