Jin’s Last Birthday Before Military Enlistment Will Be an Emotional Celebration For ARMY and BTS Members

The birthday of each BTS member is a day of celebration for their fans, ARMYs, as well. Not only do their globally spread fan base plan activities for them, but the members, RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga and V put in equal effort to include ARMYs in their celebrations. The Bangtan Boy’s eldest member Kim Seokjin will be turning a year older on December 4, and needless to say, it is going to be a special day as well. However, this time, Jin’s birthday will act as an emotional farewell of sorts, both for fans and his fellow band members.


This will mark Jin’s last birthday before he enlists in South Korea’s mandatory military service. He will reportedly enlist on December 13 at the recruit training centre in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do. Before that, his birthday will be the one last major event where he will get to celebrate with his fellow members and ARMYs. Each year, the members conduct a live session to interact with fans, cut their birthday cake and answer their questions. We wonder whether the rest of the members will join Jin for his live interaction as well considering it could be the last time all seven members are together for the next couple of years.

Last year, Jin’s reaction to seeing his birthday candles went viral on social media. Exuding child-like curiosity, Jin was amused to see his birthday candles unfurling like a flower and sparks coming out of them. That just reflected the personality of the oldest member of the group who is also famously called the fake maknae (the youngest member of a group).

Jin’s antics are always marked by naivety and the eldest member is well aware of it. That’s what makes it so easy for ARMYs to relate to him. Every BTS member has a character trait which is exclusive to them. For instance, while we generally associate Jungkook with being an all-rounder, Jin is known for doing the most trivial things.


Despite having his fun side on display most of the time, Jin knows how to be the backbone of his teammates. For instance, Jungkook and his bickering is something that never stops, but JK’s Jin hyung had a huge role in raising him when he joined the group at the tender age of 15. Even the leader Kim Namjoon once stated that he may seem like the jokester but he takes on his role of being the oldest very well. Talking about Mr World Wide Handsome, Namjoon also added how the former is not too confident with his dancing skills but he continues to improve and do his best. Commenting on his age, Suga also added, “He (Jin) could have had some sort of pride in being the oldest, but instead he seems more like a friend. He plays an important role in keeping our group together.”

What Jin Has Been Up To Lately

After BTS revealed that they will be concentrating on their solo projects, Jin embarked on things that bring out the fun and causal side of his personality as well. The singer appeared on one of the episodes of SBS’ popular variety show, Running Man. The episode showed the parallels between Jin and Ji Suk Jin who share the same name.

Last month, Jin also appeared on YouTuber Lee Young Ji’s show where the two played a drinking game and unleashed their cray, carefree side. Even during the show, Jin was his messy self, burning his throat after drinking, chugging down on a glass of water and spilling drinks all over himself. The Yours singer casually gave the YouTuber the title of ‘BTS of Youtube’ and quickly managed it by saying he needs to discuss it with the other members. Jin’s actions and reactions often make us question his actual mental age. He also slightly pulled her leg by asking her which year did she join when she mentioned that she is also an ARMY. We know Jin’s jokes are bad, but we laugh anyway!

J-Hope calling Jin at MAMA 2022

It seems like Jin is slowly but steadily preparing ARMYs for his departure. At the MAMA Awards this year, J-Hope collected the awards on behalf of his band and he made a phone call to Jin once he was up on stage. The eldest member addressed the audience as “our ARMY” and expressed his love for them. He said, “Our ARMYs, thank you so so much and I love you. And our members, you’ve always worked hard. Our members, I love you so so much too.”

The more we see Jin on screen or him leaving messages for us, we are reminded that the day of his departure is inching closer. While it feels heartwarming to be connected to him, it also leaves a bittersweet feeling behind. This being his last normal birthday in a long time, we wish Jin the best time with his BTS boys, friends, families and ARMYs.

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