Marathi Actor Saurabh Gokhale: Theatre is the Most Rewarding Among All the Platforms I Work For

Actor Saurabh Gokhale has been active on all three mediums lately, from television to films and theatre. He has been working passionately to ensure he entertains the audience with interesting projects in all three. With a few films lined up, Saurabh is currently focused on his Marathi play, You Must Die. The suspense thriller is directed by senior artist Vijay Kenkre.


Talking about his experience of working with the veteran, Saurabh says, “Kenkre sir is amazing at everything he does. When he offered me this role, I literally grabbed the opportunity because it is something I was waiting for. He is an amazing craftsman and it translates through his projects. He gives his actors complete freedom and this is a rare trait in our industry. He does intervene only when he feels the need to add or subtract from a performance.”

Saurabh is excited about the play and is grateful to be back on stage. “Theatre is the most rewarding among all the platforms I work for. Every show/performance is different. Working in a play is like playing cricket. It is very situational based and you have to be alert and vigilant throughout. You have to make quick decisions and every move is a learning process. Theatre helps you grow as an artist. You will never have the same experience even if you are performing the same play.”

The play is a suspense thriller, and Saurabh shares that it is a challenging genre. “The director and writer have the more challenging part as they have to envision the play from the audience’s perspective. As an actor, my job is to ensure the audience is at the edge of their seat and engaged. I ensure that I approach every show as my first one. I look at it as if it’s the first time I am performing. This way it doesn’t become monotonous or routine. Luckily, every audience and location is different. So within the first few moments of the play, you can gauge and understand the pulse of the auditorium. It’s tricky but fun.”


He adds that the genre has been well-received on television and OTT platforms, but it’s the live performance that makes it more intriguing. “In a film or on the internet, you get to witness a suspense- thriller through various angles and camera techniques. However, in a live performance it is completely dependent on the writing, the director’s vision and the actor’s capabilities. You have to engage your audience and ensure they are involved from the first frame. I am enjoying creating that thrill for them.”

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