Monica O My Darling Music Composer Achint Thakkar: I Really Like Anurag Kashyap, Watch Gangs of Wasseypur Every Year

Vasan Bala’s latest dark comedy Monica, O My Darling is not just earning praise for the story and the actors. The music of the film, too, has left an impact on the audience. The man behind the composition of the tracks, Achint Thakkar, tells News18 in an exclusive conservation that most of his research process included watching old films and hearing retro music. The film stars Rajkummar Rao, Huma Qureshi and Radhika Apte among others and follows the story of a woman, Monica who is a menace to the men she is involved with. The music of the film is heavily inspired by the musical landscape of the 70s and the 80s Hindi films and for that, Achint had to go back to evergreen classics such as RD Burman’s songs and films such as Sholay or Teesri Manzil.

Talking about the tracks of the film, he says, “We were going for a retro feel for the songs, something that sounds reminiscent of the 70s or late 60s. Something that RD Burman or Kalyan Ji (Kalyanji Virji Shah) used to do. Films of that era had a certain sound so that was the character we wanted to give to the music.”

He revealed that he spent months just watching old movies. “I spent a few months just watching old movies. I watched a lot of films such as all the Pancham da (RD Burman) movies, Sholay, Teesri Manjil and similar kinds of stuff. I also kept listening to old music. Not that I didn’t hear them before but this time I was closely analysing them and observing how the songs used to be arranged at that time. And the biggest challenge was finding the right people to sing that.”

Achint also weighed in on the recent trend of remaking or remixing old music. He said, “That’s just really a label’s call. If they own the rights then they can do so. It is business for them. If the songs are rendered in a way that is true to the feeling of the original, then that’s good. But I actually don’t really have an opinion on this, because I don’t listen to too many remixes. So I don’t really care.”

Not just the peppy track of Monica, O My Darling but Anchit is also the man behind the now-viral theme of the series Scam 1992. Revealing that he did not anticipate this kind of response to the track, he added that things did change for him after the series was released. “I think everyone was surprised by it as no one expected it to go (viral) like that. More calls started coming in after the series. However, Vasan Bala approached me in 2014, when he had heard my music through a friend. We’ve been wanting to work together and Monica, O My Darling was just the right project to come on.”

After Scam, Achint is once again joining hands with Hansal Mehta for one of his upcoming projects. Ask him who his dream collaborations in the industry would be, and Achint expresses his love for Anurag Kashyap and says he would love to work with him besides Zoya Akhtar and Vasan Bala once again. Talking of the soundscape of Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur, he continued, “I really like Anurag Kashyap and enjoy watching his movies. Sneha Khanwalkar is fantastic. It’s (GoW) my favourite film of all time I watch it every year without fail. It’s a classic and it can never get old. The songs connect with you because you associate them with the feeling you get from watching the film. That way, the story and the music are interconnected.”

Up next, Achint Thakkar will also be working on the second season of Rocket Boys and another project with Mehta’s son, Jay Mehta.

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