Arbaaz Khan: You Have Salman, Shah Rukh, Aamir Khan for Romanic Roles, I Should Do What I’m Good At

Arbaaz Khan has played the role of a man in uniform in many films. The actor has once again taken up the role of an armed forces officer in his latest project, Tanaav, a web series on SonyLIV. The show, directed by Sudhir Mishra, is an Indian adaptation of the Israeli show Fauda, that has gained critical acclaim globally.


Arbaaz says he watched Fauda during the lockdown, way before Tanaav was offered to him.

“During the lockdown someone recommended to me a show called Fauda. When I started watching, I found it very engaging and finished all 3 seasons of it. I thought such shows should be made in India too and I should also get an opportunity to work in a show like this. And I just threw that thought in the universe, about my desire to work on a show like this. And it so happened that 8 months later I got a call from Applause Entertainment saying they’re looking to do an adaptation of this Israeli show Fauda and they’re looking to cast me in one of the important roles,” he told News18 during a recent interaction.


Despite having worked in the film industry for about three decades, this was the first time Arbaaz actually gave an audition.

“They asked for a small audition, just to check the look and appearance. So I did that and I got an answer from them in a few days that they have an approval from multiple levels. In spite of the fact that I had done a lot of work in the past I felt very excited about doing an audition. I haven’t really auditioned for a role so far in my career. We used to get cast based on the director or the producer’s judgement. Auditions have become a thing in the last few years because people are a little particular about who they cast and if the look is right. So now that has become quite a trend, and it should be actually, it was a good experience,” he said.


Having played the role of an army man or a police officer in the past, Arbaaz had to ensure he did not look the same in this show.

“I got cast in the role of a special task officer. He gathers and leads a team for a special mission. I enjoyed doing it. We had to work on the look, on the basic attitude, and also a bit of styling and all that which we’ve done to make it look different from the roles that I’ve done in the past. I have played roles of a police officer or related to the army in the past. But this one is a little different from the work that I have done,” he elaborated.


When asked if he is more attracted to roles like this, and Arbaaz said that he would like to stick to something he is good at and the audience appreciates. “Everybody has a personality which sometimes fit certain kinds of roles better and I think that’s not a very bad thing. Sometimes having an image can help, you just have to variate it a little. The audience likes you in a certain kind of role. If you have to see somebody in an action role, you’d rather see somebody who’s already done it, and who’s good at it rather than him attempting to do something in which there are already people who are doing a very good job at it.

“If given a choice to see Arbaaz Khan in a highly romantic role – I mean they have Salman, Shah Rukh, Aamir, Akshay, Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan to do such roles. I should do the serious roles. That’s what you should find out – where does the audience like you, and you should do those roles and variate in that because then that’s your minimum guarantee of being liked by the audience,” he explained.

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