Hansal Mehta Says Anti-Bollywood Sentiment Is Disturbing

Hansal Mehta On Bollywood Trends: Filmmaker Hansal Mehta, who has been in the industry for over three decades, believes that Bollywood is currently going through a transition phase where it is battling virtual hate but nothing like that. So that it can emerge stronger. The Hindi film industry with films of major stars – from Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor to Akshay Kumar – has been a constant target of hate on social media, thanks to the “Boycott Bollywood” trend.

Industry people support

The worry among industry insiders is that the anti-Bollywood wave will spill over from the screen and eventually prevent filmmakers from telling the stories they want to. Commenting on the anti-Bollywood sentiment, Hansal Mehta in a conversation with indianexpress.com said, “It is disturbing to say the least. The kind of things that are written on social media, some of them are written surreptitiously.” And this happens with the support of some of our own colleagues. It is disturbing but I also think that a lot of it is also social media, which is very fabricated.

The filmmaker, who has been vocal about the impact of the country’s politics on the Hindi film industry, says it cannot be denied that a good film will attract attention. As this year has been witness to, Brahmastra, which released amidst massive social media protests, was a success nonetheless.

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The industry has been a victim of hatred before.

He says that hatred is not a big deal for the industry. He said that from the 90s to the 2000s, the industry has often been the target of hatred. Gulshan Kumar was shot dead in the 90s, followed by the 2000s when film financier Bharat Shah was arrested for his alleged nexus with the underworld.

Hansal said, “What is happening in this diversion, this craziness, our fear is being able to tell our stories the way we want to, to make films the way we want to. This is a transit period; We’ll get out of this. It is a flexible industry.

work on the agenda

He said, “The important thing is not to lose sight of our main work: telling stories, regardless of the point of view to the contrary. Whether your film is out and out propaganda, or it is completely against that propaganda, What we are being fed. I think in our quest to fulfill a certain agenda, we have forgotten that we are actually making films for the audience.”

Elaborating on his mention of the word “agenda”, Mehta says, “Sociocultural agenda… I hear people saying that films that are deeply rooted in our social and cultural identity… in every way We should make films with roots, we should make films which reflect us socially and culturally and make them fearless.

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