Quordle 300 answer for November 20th: Wow, 300th puzzle! Check Quordle hints, clues, solution

Quordle 300 answer for November 20th: Three hundred days of puzzling are over and the game still finds a way to confuse us all. If you’re stuck today, use these hints and clues from Quordle to find the solution.


Quordle 300 answer for November 20: On Quordle’s tercentenary day, it’s interesting to see the journey it’s taken so far. Created by Freddie Meyer as a more challenging version of the original Wordle game, this spin-off was released in late January. In the early days, the game suffered from bugs and usability issues, but once they were fixed, the game never looked back. More than six months later, it is still gaining popularity and gaining loyal fans every day. And at such a milestone for the game, it would be such a shame if you lost your streak due to a stupid mistake. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve provided you with Quordle hints and clues that will help you solve the game efficiently. And if that doesn’t help, scroll down for the solutions as well.

Quordle 300 hints for November 20

If you thought Quordle would make it easy for you because it’s the 300th puzzle, you’re wrong. Two of the words have repeated letters. But apart from that, there are also two obscure words in the puzzle. As long as you can handle it, you don’t have to worry. But if you find yourself stuck, refer to the directions below.

Quordle 300 clues for November 20

  • Today’s words begin with the letters B, A, S and S.
  • The words end in R, E, Y and E.
  • Word 1 clue – an agricultural machine for making hay bales
  • Word 2 clue – to make someone extremely surprised
  • Word 3 clue – contains or is rich in spices
  • Word 4 clue – move from one piece of music or scene to another without interruption

These are your clues. And if you pay close attention, we’ve also revealed a few unusual letters. Think about this for a moment and try the game out as best you can. And if you need more help, check out the solution below.


Quordle 300 answer for November 20

SPOILER ALERT. Don’t read on if you don’t want the answer to today’s Quordle. You have been warned.

The four words in Quordle today are:

  1. BALER
  2. AMAZE
  3. SPICY
  4. SEGUE

We hope you added another day to your Quordle milestone day streak. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more hints and clues.

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