MC Stan, Shalin Bhanot Almost Come to Blows, Sajid Khan Retains Captaincy

Day 49 of Bigg Boss begins with Archana Gautam refusing to fulfill her duties. She keeps lying on the bed and despite housemates request, refuses to do the task assigned to her. King Sajid Khan is visibly irritated by Archana’s attitude. After giving her ample warnings, Sajid decides to punish her by throwing all her clothes into the jail.

Bigg Boss gathers the housemates and asks if anyone wants to replace Sajid as captain. Hesitant at first, most contestants agree that they want to become captain. Then Sajid’s favourites and non-favourites are divided into two groups and given a task. The non-favourite team members are given the task to defeat the favourite team members by carrying out some tasks. For example, they have to make Nimrit change her clothes twice in half an hour.

Tina, Shalin and Sumbul pretend to be on the side of non-favourites, but support Sajid by secretly spying for the favourites’ team, in exchange for a promise that they will support Tina’s bid for captaincy. The non-favourites fail to defeat any one of the favourite contestants, thanks to Sumbul, Tina and Shalin’s spying. Sajid’s captaincy is retained.

Week 8
Captain Sajid Khan
Nominations Soundarya, Gautam, Tina and Shalin.
Tasks Favourites vs non-favourites, Tresemme Task
Results Sajid Khan retains captaincy, Tina and Sumbul win Tresemme Task
Notes Huge fight between MC Stan and Shalin

Archana keeps crying and complaining about her clothes being thrown outside. She also tries to find out who did it, but no one cooperates with her.

Shalin and Tina talks about who trust whom in the house, and if they trust each other. Shalin asks, “Tina are you playing with me?” The actress says, “I’m the only one who has been supporting you since day 1.”

In the evening, the female housemates are divided into 3 groups and asked to use Tresemme products to dress up as some iconic movie character. Tina and Sumbul dress up at Kajol and Rani Mukerji from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and win the task.

Later in the night, Tina trips and hurts her foot. Shalin and Gautam rush to her aid. MC Stan also comes in to check on her. Tina tries to tell Shalin to leave her foot, and Stan also speaks up in her support. Shalin continues to hold her, when Stan swears at Shalin and walks away.

Shalin loses his cool and starts yelling at Stan, who fights back. Voices get louder and more housemates get involved. Shiv tries to intervene, and Stan charges at Shalin out of anger. In the ensuing chaos, Shiv seems to use physical force to stop Shalin.

Sumbul separates Shalin while Sajid tries to calm him down. As Stan and Shalin are separated with a lot of difficulty, the latter claims that he has been physically assaulted and Bigg Boss should judge the situation. Sumbul too loses her cool and insists Shalin will not leave the house.

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