Bigg Boss 16 Day 47 16 November Written Update Theft From Raja Godown’ In The House Sajid And Archana Fierce Fight

Bigg Boss 16 Day 47 Written Update: Every day the tension in Bigg Boss house is increasing. There is a fierce fight between the family members. There is a lot of uproar in the house even on the 47th day. There is theft from Raja’s warehouse in the house, while Sajid and Archana also have a lot of debate. Let us know what else happens on the 47th day.

Sajid Khan distributed duty through chit-lottery system
The Bigg Boss house begins with the anthem and during this time all the contestants are seen having fun. After this, Sajid does a chit-lottery system to distribute the duties of the house and says that whoever is lucky will have to do that duty. . Although Nimrit tells Sajid that the first rule of this house is that you cannot write anything, so he should tear the chit and throw it away.

Sajid got reprimanded
Later, Bigg Boss reprimands Sajid Khan and says that when you became the king, you had said that you will run the house like a film unit. After this Bigg Boss says that how can you decide the duty on the chit. Sajid Khan tries to give a lot of clarification but Bigg Boss does not budge from the tussle and makes Sajid read the rule book as well. On the other hand, Sumbul Touqueer helped Sajid write the chit, so Bigg Boss takes away the privileges from him, he is no longer allowed to stay in the favorite room.

Sajid throws Archana out of the kitchen
Archana gets into a fight with Priyanka over work. After this Sajid comes and tries to explain to Archana, but Archana angrily says that she should not be explained what to do and what not to do. After this Sajid asks Archana to do 3 things but Archana flatly refuses and says that ‘I have not come to become a labourer’. After this, getting angry, Sajid throws Archana out of the kitchen work. On the other hand, Sajid punishes Archana to go to jail for not working, but Archana is not ready to go to jail.

Bigg Boss got the cigarette room closed
On the other hand, even after being reprimanded repeatedly, Bigg Boss chastises the family members for smoking cigarettes outside. Bigg Boss says that from children to elders and old people can also be your fans, if you smoke cigarettes in the open then what message will be sent to them. Big Boss says that if you are a hero then what is the need of a villain. After this, Bigg Boss gets the gate of the smoking room closed and gets us written outside. After this Bigg Boss says that your cigarettes will come in the house and smoke in the open. After this Archana says that everyone should say sorry to Bigg Boss. Shalin says sorry again and again in front of the camera. At the same time, Tina Dutta asks Shaleen and Sajid to apologize 10 times every day, but Sajid flatly refuses. He says that he has not smoked cigarette in front of the camera. On this, Tina says that Sajid is wrong, he started smoking while sitting on the sofa. Tina says that she cannot smoke on National TV. After this Tina and Shaleen get into an argument.

Contestant had to steal from Raja’s godown
After this, Bigg Boss gives a task. It has a ‘King’s Warehouse’ which has many items including bathroom accessories, vegan food, tissue boxes. Bigg Boss says that Sajid Khan is the captain, so the weekly ration is in his hands. The lights will go off as soon as a song is played again and again in the house. After which everyone will go to their respective bedrooms and sleep and there will be theft in the king’s godown. It is up to Captain Sajid that whom he allows to steal what. After this the game of thief-police starts.

Sajid rejected Archana’s belongings
In the first round, Abdu Rojik and Shiv Thackeray go to the king’s godown as thieves. Both steal a lot of ration including milk, coffee, egg, flour and take it inside their room. Sajid rings the buzzer after a lot of goods have been stolen. Nimrit and Stan go in the second round and they also steal a lot of stuff. After this, Shaleen, Tina and Sumbul go and they also steal a lot of things. At last the people of Room 6 go and Archana, Gautam, Priyanka, Ankit and Soundarya go to steal. Everyone tries to carry a lot of stuff. Meanwhile, Sajid rings the buzzer after 12 seconds but Archana is seen putting the goods even after the buzzer. Sajid says on this it will not be accepted. After this, Archana gets into an argument with Sajid. With this the work ends. Bigg Boss also says that whatever decision Sajid has taken in this task is valid. After this, Sajid gets angry with Archana.

Archana’s fight with Sajid
While Archana goes to Sajid shouting why didn’t you stop her when your troupe was dancing outside. Sajid repeatedly tells Archana not to talk like this with me. Soundarya tries to silence Archana. Archana but keeps on shouting. After this Sajid wakes up in anger and says to provoke me and abuse me. Sajid calls Archana an idiot. Sajid tells Archana that you did not give flour for two rotis, you talk about humanity. Archana repeatedly says that you have alluded everyone, why not mine. At the same time, there is a fight between Soundarya and Priyanka regarding Archana.

Archana gets hot on Sajid
Archana repeatedly goes to Sajid and asks why did you give so much time to Shiva. At the same time, Sajid gets angry and says that tell in front of the camera that Sajid has made a mistake. Sajid says either take me out or take him out. Archana then tells Sajid that there is no question of getting fired, it is about being fair. Sajid looks very angry during this. Sajid tells the camera that this is not good content, take it out from here. After this, Sajid comes to Archana and says that do you want to stay in this show, on which Archana says that I have to stay, then Sajid says that then don’t mess with me. Sumbul and Shaleen’s birthday celebration takes place at night. Both cut the cake and everyone enjoys the cake. With this the 47th day ends.

Tomorrow Archana will not work, on this Sajid says that I have to get the work done by him but Archana is not ready to work. On the other hand, Sajid will then order Shiv to throw out Archana’s belongings.

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