Wordle 505 answer for November 6: Make a smart game! View Wordle Hints, Clues, Solution

Answer from Wordle 505 for November 6: Today’s puzzle should be easy to solve as long as you read these Wordle hints and clues to get to the solution.


Wordle 505 answer for November 6: Something is wrong with Wordle. For seven days in a row, the game hasn’t delivered a single challenging puzzle. The last time we saw a really tough word was before it hit the 500th mark. Some players have even expressed concerns about whether the words from the original game are finished and The New York Times adds its own words to the game, but that claim is false. The original game contains over 2,000 words. But since we have an easy streak, this is a good chance for you to build your winning streak. So, if you’re even a little unsure about the word today, make sure you check out these Wordle hints and pointers. And if you somehow get stuck on the last try, just scroll down for the solution.

Wordle 505 hints for November 6

The word is common, has commonly used letters, and its arrangement is also common. The only weird thing about it is that it contains two vowels. And it can repel players. In the early days of Wordle, we got puzzles like this. The best way to solve it is to use a vowel-heavy word as a starter to figure them out, then use a random letter removal strategy to figure out the rest of the letters. Or even easier, check out the directions below.

Wordle 505 clues for November 6

Step 1:


Today’s word starts with the letter S.

Step 2:

The word has no repeated letters.

Step 3:

The word ends with E.

Step 4:

The word contains two vowels.

Step 5:

The remaining vowel is A.

After those directions, we pretty much handed it to you in a bowl. We believe this should be enough to make it easy to guess. But if you’re still in doubt, just scroll down for the solution.

Wordle 505 answer for November 6

SPOILER ALERT! If you’re not looking for the answer to today’s Wordle, don’t read on.

This is your last chance to return or you’ll ruin the answer for today’s puzzle.

Today’s word is STAL. It means “a substance, usually edible, that is no longer new or fresh”. We hope you cracked the puzzle easily. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more hints and clues, because tomorrow can be a very difficult puzzle.

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