Google Pixel 7 vs iPhone 13 After Review Comparison: What Should You Get at Rs. 60000?

Google Pixel 7 vs iPhone 13: At Rs. 60000, which of these affordable flagship phones should you buy?

Google Pixel 7 or the Apple iPhone 13? Which of these smartphones is the best for you? With all the crazy price increases on the iPhones, the iPhone 12 continues to sell for almost ₹60,000. Well, not exactly Rs. 60,000, as Amazon sells the iPhone 13 for nearly Rs. 66,000 at the moment. At that price, the iPhone 13 isn’t exactly cutting edge and lacks many of the features that its rivals possess.

But do you know what hypermodern is? The Google Pixel 7, which is currently sold on Flipkart for a price of almost Rs. 60,000 (Rs. 59,999 to be exact). The Pixel 7 is brand new and has just gone through our extensive review, giving us some pretty good impressions. It has some great cameras, a stunning screen, a fairly new design, and all the goodness of Android. Therefore, the question must be asked: which of these should you buy?

Since we have tested both smartphones, we can answer the most important questions on the most crucial points.


Design is largely subjective and it depends on what you prefer. The iPhone 13 has the classic iPhone design with its boxy looks: flat sides, uniform edge-to-edge bezels, a large display notch and the diagonal cameras on the back. The Google Pixel 7, on the other hand, looks modern with its refreshing new design – a camera viewfinder, fresh new colors, a perforated camera cutout and a hefty build. We prefer the Pixel 7 over the iPhone 13 for its fresh design.


The Pixel 7 easily wins here with its larger 6.3-inch OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and a small camera cutout. The iPhone 13 has an equally good OLED panel, but the slow 60Hz refresh rate looks slow in comparison.

Biometric Verification

The in-display fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 7 is fast and more practical, while the FaceID system on the iPhone 13 is reliable and always works. Your choice matters here.


With the latest custom chips, both phones are equally capable of doing it all. The Tensor G2 and A15 Bionic are equal in performance. Android 13 on the Pixel 7 looks nice with its Material You design and offers a lot more customization options. In addition, the versatility of Android is unparalleled. The iPhone 13 with its iOS 16 update allows you to customize the lock screen but offers limited customization features; it has more polished apps and the integration with the Apple ecosystem is fantastic.


This is where it gets weird. While both phones have equally capable camera systems, the Pixel 7 left us impressed with its photographic prowess, especially in low light; while the iPhone 13 does the videography better. So if you mainly shoot still photos, the Pixel 7 is a better bet than the iPhone 13. Vloggers may prefer the iPhone 13 for its video quality.

Battery life

While the Pixel 7 has a larger 4355mAh battery, our testing showed it lasts up to a full battery. The iPhone 13, on the other hand, can easily last a single day with the same kind of moderate use, and can easily provide an extra half day. The Pixel 7 has support for faster charging at 30W, but in the real world it takes just over an hour to fully charge the battery, just like the iPhone 13. The Pixel 7’s USB-C port makes it compatible with almost all kinds of android chargers , which is a bigger boon. Both phones also support wireless charging.


The price is where the Google Pixel 7 has an advantage. At Rs. 59,999, the Pixel 7 is much cheaper than the iPhone 13 and given the performance in our review, it ends up being the more affordable phone. The iPhone 13 is expensive at Rs. 66,900 and while it’s a solid phone for the price, the lack of a high refresh rate screen, dated design and limited iOS experience could be a deal breaker for many.

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