Want killer photos? Why the Google Pixel 7 camera is one of the best, if not the best

Google Pixel 7 has come up with several exciting camera-related features. This is why the phone can be one of the best camera phones to have.


Google recently launched Google Pixel 7 and higher version Pixel 7 Pro with great and exciting camera related features. Admittedly, not everyone is a photographer, but people want to capture every moment as beautifully as possible and for that, having a good camera smartphone is a must. But what are the best camera smartphones you can own? Could the recently launched Google Pixel 7 be the one? Find out here.

1. Google Pixel 7 can fix blurry photos with Photo Unblur

Blurry photos are now no longer a problem if you have a Google Pixel 7. You can easily refocus your blurry photos with a few taps with Photo Unblur, a new feature only available on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Photo Unblur removes blur and visual noise so you can relive the moment as clearly as you remember it. It even works on photos in your library taken with another phone or camera and scanned images.

2. Avoid distractions with Magic Eraser

Introduced last year, the Magic Eraser feature can detect distractions in your photos, such as background photobombers, power lines and utility poles. All you need to do is a few taps to remove them. You can also circle or brush what you want to remove. You don’t have to be precise, because Magic Eraser can figure out what you’re trying to delete. And if you don’t want to completely remove a distraction, but want it to blend in a bit more with your photo, you can use Camouflage in Magic Eraser to change the color of distracting objects in your photo.



3. Use Portrait Blur to make the subject stand out

The portrait mode in the Pixel Camera can make your subject the highlight. But what if you forgot to use it when taking a photo or want to edit a photo from the past? With Portrait Blur, Google Photos can intelligently blur the background on photos of people, pets, food, flowers, and more after taking the photo.

4. Balance your photos with the HDR effect

If you have older photos with a dark foreground and a light background (or vice versa), it can be difficult to make out all the details in the shot. Enter the HDR effect to balance things out — enhancing the brightness and contrast across the image so you can enjoy every detail.

5. Use the collage editor to create shareable creations

You can create creative, shareable collages with the new collage editor in the Pixel 7. Pick up to six photos and select one of the designs available to Pixel users. You can rearrange the layout with simple drag-and-drop, and even edit each photo in the collage individually to get just the right look.

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