Donal Bisht Says When She Posted a Bikini Pic For The First Time, People Tagged Her Parents

While it may be easy for a male actor to post a shirtless picture on social media, the same isn’t the case for any female star. Several celebrities have repeatedly opened up about facing trolls or criticism after posing bikini pictures on social media. The latest on the list is Donal Bisht.


In an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, Donal recalled what happened when she posted a bikini picture for the first time on her Instagram handle and shared how it became a ‘news’ overnight. She mentioned that she was new to the industry back then and therefore could not understand if she had done something wrong. However, Donal shared she later realised that as a ‘social personality’ she has to be cautious about what she is posing on the internet.

“It has happened to me. I posted a bikini picture four years back when I was doing TV. I had no clue that it will be blown out of proportion and will be all over the news. The next day when I woke up and saw it all over, I was thinking, ‘What did I do? I did nothing’. I was wondering if it was actually a thing to make it news. Now I realise that whatever we do that makes an impression on people, that becomes the talk of the town. I think you should be cautious about what you are doing. Why? Because you are a social personality. People see you as their mentor, as their idols. Why not become a good idol?” she told us.

On being asked if she had to face negative comments after posting a bikini picture, Donal replied in positive and added how even her parents were dragged into the situation. “Definitely, definitely there were a lot of negative comments. Obviously, when you get this (trolled) for the first time in your life, you wonder, ‘Why? What have I done?’ People were tagging my parents also. My mother called me up. But obviously, it depends upon what kind of a picture it was. I won’t do anything which is not appropriate to put,” she said.



The 28-year-old actress further mentioned that posing in a bikini is not wrong and added, “But I think as social media is growing, people are accepting it more. As a celebrity who people take as a mentor or idol, one should do things that are appropriate. I believe that and I don’t know if others agree. Wearing a bikini is not wrong but what you are wearing, how you are posing, it all counts.”

However, Donal also mentioned that it’s been four years to the incident and since then she hasn’t shared a bikini picture of herself on social media. Asked if it is a conscious decision that she made, the actress laughed and did not address it directly. “You have researched a lot (laughs). I went to Goa, what am supposed to wear there? I am not supposed to wear a salwar suit. If I am not going to Goa and am rather visiting Jaipur, I am not supposed to wear Bikini in Jaipur,” she rather said.

Donal concluded by sharing that she is used to social media trolling now and therefore it does not affect her mental peace anymore. “I am used to it, everyone in the industry is (used to it). People say whatever they want to. I get mostly positive reactions so I concentrate on that,” she said.

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