Wordle 449 Answer for September 11: Anatomical Puzzle! View Wordle Hints, Clues, Solution

Wordle 449 Answer for September 11: The theme of today’s puzzle is anatomy and if biology wasn’t your favorite topic then you need these Wordle hints, clues and solution to win today.


Wordle 449 answer for September 11: Today’s puzzle will take you back to your biology class at school. Now, the difficulty of the puzzle will depend somewhat on whether you loved or disliked that class. The doctors and health care professionals may have an edge today because of word association. In simple terms, it means that if you look at K_B_B and are able to guess ‘kebab’, the prior knowledge of the word will help you. However, if you don’t know the word itself, you’re stuck. But do not worry. These Wordle hints and pointers are there to narrow that gap and ensure that no matter what happens, you never lose a game. If the hints and clues fall short, you can always jump down and check out the solution as well.

Wordle 449 hints for September 11th

Today’s word has a repeated letter that can be even more annoying. The word is a technical term, meaning we don’t really use it in regular conversation. But a big hint we can give you is that the word is the name of one of the bones in the body. And if you want to find it, we recommend that you start the game with a vowel-heavy word.

Wordle 449 clues for September 11

  • Today’s word starts with the letter T.
  • The word has three vowels.
  • The word ends with A.
  • One of the surviving vowels is I.
  • The repeated letter is also me.

At this point we have served you the word on a scale. Think about it for a moment and apply these directions. You should be very close to the answer. And if you feel stuck, just scroll down for the solution.


Wordle 449 answer for September 11th

SPOILER ALERT! If you’re not looking for the answer to today’s Wordle, don’t read on.

This is your last chance to return or you’ll ruin the answer for today’s puzzle.

Today’s word is TIBIA. It is “the inner and larger bone of the two bones in the lower part of the leg between your knee and foot”. We hope you were able to compete with the doctors and protect your streak. Check back tomorrow for more hints and clues.

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