Chandrachur Singh Calls Boycott Trend a ‘Fashion’: ‘No Amount of Negativity Can Stop…’

Chandrachur Singh is currently seen in Cuttputtli, a film that also stars Akshay Kumar and Rakul Preet Singh in key roles. It is a crime thriller that is now streaming on an OTT platform. While the film is getting mixed reviews from all, in an exclusive conversation with News18 Showsha, we asked Chandrachur Singh if the boycott trend adds pressure to him regarding his movie.


Chandrachur Singh Calls Boycott Culture a ‘Fashion’

Singh went on to call the boycott trend a ‘fashion nowadays’ and added that he believes if a script is good, no negativity can stop it from reaching the audience. “Yes, a little bit but I believe a film runs on good merit and if it is good there is no reason why a film shouldn’t do well. No amount of negativity can stop a good film from reaching the audience. If the film is good, people like it, all this will go behind. Pre-release stuff which is happening, which is a fashion nowadays, I don’t know, I do believe a film merits on a good watch and viewers should watch it,” he said.

On being asked if we are giving too much importance to the boycott culture, the 53-year-old actor mentioned that he also heard more of it during interviews only. “I got to know more about the boycott trends only during interviews. I am looking totally at the fact that if a story is strong, if a film is strong, there is no way that it can’t connect to the audience. I don’t look at what people say, I look at how the product will be received by people,” he added.

Chandrachur Singh Says Working With Akshay Kumar Was ‘Relaxed and Fun’

Meanwhile, during the conversation, Chandrachur Singh also shared his experience of working with Akshay Kumar in Cuttputtli and revealed how the Khiladi of Bollywood had insisted all cast members have their meals together on the sets during the shoot. “It was quite a relaxed atmosphere. We got along very well with each other and he insisted we have our meals together. We played some games like dumb charades. Innocent stuff. Our lunch and dinner used to be together, breakfast we used to have before starting to shoot,” Singh told us.


Chandrachur also clarified how Akshay never made them get up at 4 am and added that it was ‘fun’ and ‘relaxed’ shooting with him. “Shooting hours were easy, they weren’t tough. If you have to get up early for your work, you have to get up early. No 4 o’clock in the morning or stuff like that. It was more 9 am to 5 pm kind of thing. It was fun shooting. When we had to be serious, we were serious. When we had to relax, we relaxed. It was not stressful or anything like that. it was just the opposite. There was a lot of fun on sets,” he said.

Chandrachur Singh Answers If He Regrets Doing Aarya Because of His Short Role

Singh shared that he has no complaints with regard to his short screenplay in Emmy nominated series Aarya. He rather mentioned that he is rather ‘very happy’ with how the director Ram Madhvani ‘kept him alive’ in the background even in the second season of Aarya.

“No, actually the way Ram Madhvani sir has kept me alive even in the second season, in a background flavour, the way the emotional fragrance of the character is maintained. So if the character was alive, maybe it would not have had the same impact. It’s never the quantity of role that matters, it’s the quality of role which is of great significance. I think it was very nicely put in the screenplay. I have no complaints, I am very happy with Aarya,” he concluded.

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