How to protect iPhone from water damage? Forget rice, dip it in cat litter

Whether you are a proud owner of an iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or planning to own the iPhone 14, accidents happen and sometimes phones end up in water. But this genius home remedy might just save your device.


iPhones, especially the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, have pretty good water resistance. Equipped with an IP68 rating for water damage resistance, these devices can withstand light drizzles and occasional water spills. But ultimately, these are sensitive electronic devices, and if they slipped out of your hand and fell into a body of water, the device can do little to protect itself. And once the device has suffered water damage, you have very little time to protect the electronics from damage. One possible solution is to take it to the Apple service center and have it repaired, but that will cost you a lot of money. There are also other solutions, such as the age-old remedy of burying it overnight in a bag of rice that should absorb the water and dry your smartphone from the inside. But it hits the mark and if you’re planning to buy an expensive smartphone like iPhone 14, that’s not good enough. But we may have a remedy that is more effective that is actually designed to absorb, shall we say, water. What is it? cat litter.

Cat Litter Could Save Your Drowning iPhone

It may seem odd that the little box your cat buries its pee and poop in can protect your iPhone from water damage, but it’s true. The box contains granulated clay, sawdust, corn on the cob, baking soda and even silica gel. The result? It is a super absorbent structure that catches all the pee and the odor.


And that’s exactly what your iPhone 12 or 13 needs when it’s done swimming. The absorbent can draw and retain the moisture that has entered the smartphone and dry the internal instruments before it can be seriously damaged.

However, there are a few things to remember. The effectiveness of this depends on several factors. If the smartphone has been in the water for a long time, the damage may have already been done and the litter box may not make a difference. Second, if the cat litter is not fresh, it may not be able to absorb the moisture properly. Third, things like water pressure, depth it fell, and others also affect the degree of damage. If you suspect that the smartphone has suffered more damage than the litter can handle, it is a good idea to take it directly to the Apple service center as soon as possible.

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