Contestants Lock Horns As Show Enters Second Week

Bigg Boss Kannada OTT has completed its first week now and entered its second. However, it has already seen its share of fights and arguments, something that the famed house is known for. This week witnessed two of the biggest fights in this season to date.

Sonu Srinivasa Gowda, who achieved fame for making Reels and Tiktok videos, got into a heated argument with another contestant, TV actress Saanya Iyer while Arjun Ramesh and Roopesh Shetty verbally abused each other.

The Bigg Boss competitors are given a variety of tasks. Similarly, two teams were formed and given a mission. This challenge required the two players from each squad to enter the game. One of them needed to listen to music with headphones while the other had to read out a sentence given to them by Bigg Boss. The one wearing the headphones needed to guess the sentence.

However, when Sonu and Saanya played the game, Sonu couldn’t get a single word correct and kept complaining that the music was too loud. This angered Saanya which ultimately led to a heated argument between the two with both blaming each other for the failed task.

On the other hand, Arjun and Roopesh fought over wasted food. After dinner, captain Arjun discovered rotis in the trash, and that is how it all began. He became irritated by the housemates’ waste of food and began interrogating them about it.

Roopesh Shetty then admitted that he was the one who put the rotis in the trash since he was unable to finish it. However, when Arjun mentioned the value of food and how many people go hungry, things quickly got out of hand. Roopesh was upset by this and accused Arjun of assassinating his character by saying that he does not value food.

The situation escalated quickly with both abusing each other, and it was only with the intervention of other housemates that they mellowed down.

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