‘More Than Happy to Get a Backend Deal’

Taapsee Pannu’s rise to prominence is a significant one. Starting her Bollywood journey with Chashme Baddoor, the actress went on to star in critically acclaimed films like Pink and Badla. The actress is also known for being vocal about her views on popular topics. In a recent interaction, the stellar actress divulged her views on profit-sharing deals and how that can alleviate the quality of movies in the coming years.


While talking to the media portal PinkVilla as part of her promotions for her upcoming film ‘Dobaaraa’, Taapsee Pannu revealed that she prefers a backend deal especially when she is the face of a project. The actress also said that she had done two films on a backend deal and they were in Telugu. She said, “They were high concept films, made money and I got my share. Since they were my friends, I could expect transparency. I am more than happy to get a backend deal. I like it like that because if I am headlining a film, I wish to reap the benefits of the profits too. But can I be sure that the figures shared a trustable? I am not sure.”

Dobaaraa’s director Anurag Kashyap and actor Taapsee also got candid as they critiqued the star system and pay parity. Anurag stated, “I have a problem with the star system from the very beginning. Marvel launches not so known actors in their movies and everyone gets a fair chance. The bigger the film, the lesser known the actors. In Titanic, Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet were arthouse actors. Actors of Avatar were arthouse actors too. In our case, it is different. The bigger the film, the bigger the actor. The load of the film increases”


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He explained further, “People should be given money as per the worth of the money they generate. There should be kind of a parity there. If there is transparency and actors start taking backend, budgets will reduce on its own. We don’t have transparency in the industry. Show me two people who share the same box office figures. There are 15 box office figures floating for every movie. From India, I can log into China and I can get minute to minute updates on the collections of the film. This system is everywhere except India. When that system is started, we can convince more actors to take the backend of their film. The health of the industry will improve on its own. Since we don’t have that, actors charge based on the star system and predictions of their films are based on the star system too.”

Anurag Kashyap’s upcoming mystery drama Dobaaraa is an adaptation of Spanish movie Mirage and it stars Taapsee Pannu and Pavail Gulati. The film revolves around Taapsee’s quest to save a young boy, who communicates with her through a television set. Dobaaraa has already received critical acclaim across multiple film festivals around the world including London Indian Film Festival 2022. It is scheduled for a theatrical release on August 19.

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