Today’s Wordle Answer and Hints: Know How to Solve Puzzle 417 by August 10

Today’s Wordle Answer and Hints: Puzzle 417 can be tricky for some to solve. If you are in the same boat, don’t wait too long. Check out these Wordle clues for August 10 now.

Today’s Wordle 417 for August 10: For those of you who still struggle to master the game and get stuck on a regular basis, you probably need more practice and improve your vocabulary to tackle these words more efficiently. Vocabulary is the number of words you know and while Wordle keeps its words relatively plain, it can be a bit obscure at times and someone who has never heard of the word will have more trouble trying to figure it out. And practice is a great way to improve familiarity with the game. With only one puzzle per day, there isn’t enough time for players to prepare their strategies. WordPlay is a similar app that is not in the format of one word per day and you can play unlimited games to build your strategies. However, these are long-term solutions. If you need help today, check out our Wordle hints and directions. And if that doesn’t work, just scroll down for the solution as well.

Wordle 417 hints for August 10

Today’s word seems like a simple matter. There are no repeated letters or obscure letters and the word is quite common as well. We recommend using an opening word with many consonants today.

Wordle 417 clues for August 10

Today’s word starts with the letter C.

2. The word has one vowel.

3. The word ends with G.

4. The vowel is I.

5. Biggest Clue – The word has the letter L in it.

These were your clues. Think about it carefully and you should know the answer. And even if you don’t know that, you know enough letters to figure out the rest in a few tries. However, if you’re stuck on the last try and can’t guess, scroll down and check the answer.

Wordle 417 answer for August 10

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read on if you’re not looking for the answer to today’s Wordle.

This is your last chance to return or you’ll ruin the answer for today’s puzzle.

Today’s word is CLING. It means “to hold on tightly to someone/something”. We hope you were able to add another day to your streak. Be sure to check this space tomorrow for more hints and clues.

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