This macro photo WON “Shooted on iPhone” Macro Challenge! Was shot by Indian software engineer

Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge picks a winner from India. The winning entry was shot in the macro mode of the iPhone 13 Pro.

This year the iPhone 13 Pro has added a new macro mode for photography and as expected it won hearts all over the world! People soon started using macro mode to gain new perspectives, or even make their jobs easier. Apple therefore decided to organize a global photo contest, challenging owners of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max to show their creativity using the macro mode. The contest, called the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge, saw entries from all over the world and one of the Indian entries won it!

The Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge saw several entries and picked 10 winners from around the world. The top 10 winners come from China, Hungary, India, Italy, Spain, Thailand and the US. These photos will be featured on Apple’s website, Instagram page and billboards in the cities where the winners live. Of all the photos you can see the photo that came from India here.

Indian Software Engineer Wins Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge

Out of 10 entries, Prajwal Chougule from India won the competition. Chougule is a software engineer from Kolhapur and says photography has been a passion since his college days. He initially started with street photography and eventually moved to a more minimalist style.

“I am a nature lover and love to take early morning walks with my iPhone 13 Pro. The ‘golden hour’ brings out the best in nature and is a delight for photographers. Dewdrops on a spider’s web caught my eye and I was fascinated how the dry spider silk formed a necklace, the dew shimmered like pearls. It felt like a work of art on nature’s canvas,” Prajwal says when asked about his winning entry, a spider’s web with dewdrops on it.

The jury also included an Indian photographer, who was part of the selection of the 10 winning entries. Apeksha Maker, co-founder of the commercial photography company The House Of Pixels, Mumbai, said of the winning Indian entry: “This image is so perfect it looks like an illustration. The well-organized dewdrops on the spider web are captured in great detail. something that most people around them would miss. There is a kind of harmony in the drops; at first glance, the viewer could be misled as to what the subject is. The iPhone does a fantastic job of focusing on such a fine detail, with almost no definitive background.”

If you missed entering the contest, don’t worry, Apple is sharing some tips for getting the most out of your iPhone’s macro camera. Note that Macro mode is only available on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, not the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini.

Tips to take great macro photos on iPhone

Step 1: Get close to your subject. You can get up to 2 cm from the subject.

Step 2: Place the primary focus point near the center of the frame to get the sharpest focus.

Step 3: Tap an area in the viewfinder to set a specific focus point.

Step 4: Shoot at 0.5x to capture an ultra-wide field of view, or choose 1x for a tighter framing. Note that the iPhone automatically switches cameras as you get close, while preserving the 1x framing.

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