Play Wordle Offline: Watch How To Download Wordle For Free On iPhone 13

Play Wordle Offline: While Wordle is now free to play, many fear it will end up behind a paywall. Put all your fears to rest and find out how to download Wordle for free on Android devices and iOS smartphones like iPhone 13

Play Wordle Offline: We are almost 300 days old since Wordle was first launched. In this period of almost a year, the Wordle sensation has really caught the attention of millions of people around the world. Every day, people ritually play the Wordle daily puzzle. The game itself has undergone quite a transition. It was developed and published by Josh Wardle and was later acquired by the New York Times. After the takeover, many worried that the game would go behind a paywall and people would have to pay for the game they’ve associated with. While the game has remained free for now, no one can predict the future. But there is a solution. Find out how to download Wordle for free for both Android devices and Apple iPhone devices, including iPhone 13, without worrying that it will end up behind a paywall.

There are also advantages to this. If you download Wordle, you can play Wordle offline without ever needing an internet connection. And it works because the game runs entirely in your browser. Twitter user Aaron Rieke posted about how the game exists in your web browser and doesn’t really need to be connected to the internet to play it. He proved it by sharing a screenshot of the game’s source code, highlighting that the entire future word list was on the webpage itself. He said, “The daily words are right in the code, in a gigantic list. There are thousands of them.”

It also means that if you have a saved copy of the webpage or essentially “Downloaded Wordle”, you can play Wordle offline for free, even if the NYT ever puts it behind a paywall. Another advantage of this is that even if you have problems with the internet connection, you can still enjoy the game. So follow these simple steps below to find out how to download Wordle and play offline on iPhone 13 and Android devices.

Download Wordle on iPhone 13 for free

1. Open the Wordle website in Safari.

2. Tap the Share icon.

3. Tap options, next to the web page link

4. Tap the web archive and click Done.

5. Now tap on Save to files in the shared sheet.

6. Choose a folder and save it.

Your Wordle webpage is now stored in your files app. But the work is only half done. Now you need to find and open the file in Microsoft Edge. Make sure you are using Edge as it will not work in Safari or Chrome.

1. Press and hold the Wordle web page to open the quick actions menu.

2. Tap Share.

3. Select Border.

4. Tap Open in Microsoft Edge.

And it’s done. Wordle will open normally and you can play it without internet connection. Please note, playing without internet would mean that your streaks and winnings will not be carried over.

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