Mumbai is known for its cafes, be it quirky or lively! Today, Sudeep Sahir, who is seen in ‘Tera Yaar Hoon Main’ on SAB TV, joins us on our way to the cafe. Find out which favorite hangouts made her list!

Your favorite cafe in Mumbai…
Farmer’s Cafe, Kitchen Garden and Smoke House Deli.

The dishes and drinks on the menu that you always order…
Lentil Spaghetti, Cheese Sandwich, Salad and Coffee.

The cafe in which you have the most memories with your friends…
While Eat Around the Corner was earlier named Just Around the Corner, I met my wife Anantika for the first time in 2003. I used to go to that place very often, they had amazing salads. So one day after giving my audition, I met him through a common friend and we instantly hit him. So that place will always be special for me.

Your favorite cafe for dessert…
Farmers Cafe has this vegan hazelnut cheesecake, it’s fabulous. The tortoise cheesecake at Bastian is great too. I love Nirula’s Hot Chocolate Fudge (Delhi). Also Giani’s Hot Chocolate Fudge in Mumbai is close to her, so it helps me relive my childhood days.

Favorite cafe near home…
Kisan Cafe and Smoke House Deli in Bandra. They are walking distance from my place.

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