Shruti Haasan, the lovely looking daughter of pretty Sarika and brilliant Kamal Haasan, was born on January 28, 1986, and shows the usual Aquarian qualities.

This astute Aquarian earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then went on to further his education in music in California. The multi-talented diva is proficient in eight languages ​​and has been producing screenplays since she was 14 years old. She, like other Aquarians, can think beyond the box.

In her recent Instagram story, she posted before-after pictures of her as she also mentioned in the story her astrological sun sign. Shruti, like all others, has a variety of unfavorable characteristics as an Aquarian. As fans can see the change between her dressing and facial appearance, as now she looks more bold and carefree while before she portrayed the characters who were shy and soft.

Aquarian Shruti, like an air sign, is unpredictable. She despises routine and following a set route. She keeps herself active by improving her abilities to keep herself from being bored easily. Shruti attributes her ability to work hard to her parents, and she pushes herself to perform more and achieve more. There is no halfway ground for this fiery young lady, and she likes to go all in to perfect herself.

Shruti Haasan is a steady girl despite having difficult adolescence as a result of her parent’s divorce. As a youngster, she had a great relationship with her father since he let her make errors and make her judgments, which is essential for an Aquarian child’s mental development. He is her best buddy now that she is an adult. Shruti, the intelligent, broad-minded Aquarius, spends quality time with both her parents after resolving her problems with her mother.

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She may look distant, but she is a cheerful, fun-loving girl. Shruti Haasan is Aquarian ‘stubborn streak’ and her ‘not taking crap from anyone’ attitude is compared to his elder brother and father by Kamal Haasan.

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