Singham 3: Discussions about Singham 3 started only after the success of Rohit Shetty’s film Sooryavanshi. Every day new information was coming out about Singham 3. Singham 3 was believed to be a part of the Police Cop series. According to media reports, it has now come to the fore that the concept of Singham 3 will be based on Article 370. A film will be made about the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir. Let us tell you that this has not been officially confirmed by the makers of the film yet. The audience is already excited about the concept of Singham 3. According to media reports, the film will be based on Article 370. Rohit Shetty will direct the film. Rohit Shetty has also previously directed Singham and Singham Returns.

According to media reports, filmmaker Rohit Shetty was working on many ideas for Singham 3. He wanted to take a topic which has not been worked on till now and it is also relevant. The removal of Article 370 from Kashmir is also relevant in today’s date and will also encourage the audience to watch the film.

According to media reports regarding the film, then the strings of the story of Singham 3 will be linked to Sooryavanshi. The film will be made by adding true stories. According to reports, the story of Singham 3 will start from where Sooryavanshi ended. Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar will also be shown doing action in Singham’s climax.

Ajay Devgan is planning to shoot Singham 3 in real locations of Kashmir. The hero of the film will be seen fighting terrorists for peace and tranquility in the valley. The shooting of the film is being considered to start next year. It will take two years for Singham 3 to come on the big screen. According to media reports, the film will be shot in Kashmir, Delhi and Goa.

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