Born and raised in Mumbai, Hiten Tejwani known for his hit TV shows and films like Anwar and Kalank is a proud Mumbaikar. We catch up with him for a fun rapid fire about town.

Tell us about your alma mater.
I attended St. Francis D’Assisi High School (Borivali) and Jai Hind College (Churchgate) which was one of the best colleges where I also got an opportunity to perform. And it is an experience that I will never forget.

Vada Pav or Pav Bhaji?
Vada Pav, eaten on the go… Also it is delicious.

Rickshaw or Kali Peeli?
Rickshaw till Bandra and after Bandra Kali Peeli. Although rickshaws are fast.

Juhu Beach or Bandra Bandstand?
Juhu Beach, the original Mumbai.
Gateway of India or Marine Drive?
Gateway of India, it has some charm. Plus I used to live in the suburbs, so going to the Gateway of India was always fun with photographers, and you can get your pictures right away.

Local train or best bus?
Trains are always faster for short distances. I have also traveled in BEST bus. Especially in the late evening where I used to fall asleep sitting on the window seat.

Tapri tea or Soul curry?
You get tapri tea, sol kadi in the restaurant.

Watching a play at Prithvi Theater or a movie at Gaiety Galaxy?
Prithvi plays in theatre, as well as I feel happy when I perform there.

Mumbai during rains or Mumbai during winters?
There are hardly any winters in Mumbai, so much rain… because I love the smell of mud after the first shower.

Favorite place in Mumbai?
National Park (Gandhi’s Tekri)

Favorite restaurant in town?
Shiv Sagar. Their South Indian cuisine is very good.

What language do you use the most in Mumbai?
What brother!

What do you like most about the city?
I myself love Mumbai! The city never sleeps and is safe.

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