For example, Urfi Javed openly spoke about trolls, giving Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Urfi Javed is the no filter lady who is staying in the house after her stint in Bigg Boss OTT house. The actress gets trolled time and again due to her fashion sense, statements and more. Considering this, during a recent exclusive chat, we asked him about his relationship with these online critics.

While talking to Digihunt about his relationship with trolls, Urfi also revealed what his general perception about these online haters is as well as how they would feel if they came across a star in real life. behave. Want to know everything she had to say? Well, scroll down and read.

When asked about his views on netizens trolling him, Urfi Javed said, “It is a mutual relationship that we share and it is going very well. To be honest, I have a very good relationship with the trollers. I will keep giving them stuff to troll and they will keep trolling me in return. So it’s mutual. “

When asked if she likes trolls as it helps her stay in the news, Urfi Javed said, “No. To be honest, I don’t think so. That if I wear it it will give me limelight or something. I wear what I like. I don’t know what will become a spectacle or what will happen, I don’t know.” He added, “Even though I am very candid when it comes to speaking, I have zero filters. Before I speak, I don’t think that can be a bad thing but it is what I am. I don’t think before wearing anything, doing anything, speaking anything, I am that.”

Sharing his general sentiment on the trollers, Javed said, “I feel bad for them to be very honest. Imagine you have such a sad life that you are choosing someone on social media for no reason. For this You have to be really sad.” Continuing further, she said, “I know one thing, people can troll Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s son, but once they are exposed, they cannot troll anyone in front of them. “

Urfi Javed further said, “Haat hi badenge in front of Shahrukh Khan. He will also ask him for autograph, will ask for selfie only. No one will troll him. So if we keep hearing about trolls then we will not be able to reach that level where we have to Actually have to go. Saying that the troll only has the guts to speak from behind the screen and not on anyone’s face, the actress said, “Samne ake koi bola hai mujhe? Thappad hi thappad, chittar hi chittar lagungi mati.”

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