In the next episode of Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath,  Paranjpe issues orders to his men. His men begin working as per his plan. Then, Paranjpe takes advantage of the situation and takes Bandu Kaka home. While a frightened Pari begins looking for Bandu Kaka. Just then, one of Paranpe’s men approaches her and gives her some water. As soon as Bandu Kaka arrives home, Kaku asks him about Pari. At the same moment, Paranjpe acts kind and questions Bandu Kaka. A worried Kaku seeks an explanation from Bandu Kaka. As a result, Paranjpe calms her. When Paranjpe informs Neha that Pari has gone missing, she gets teary-eyed. Meanwhile, Paranjpe’s man accompanies Pari. A wise Pari, on the other hand, scares him.

Following that, an emotional Neha searches for Pari. As Neha sobs, a stranger approaches and consoles her. They both then inquire about Pari, and the shopkeeper informs Neha that he spotted Pari seated with a man outside their shop. Afterward, Neha begins looking for Pari everywhere. When Neha arrives, an emotional Kaku blames Bandu Kaka for Pari’s disappearance. Neha then inquires of Bandu Kaka about Pari. Just then, Paranjpe consoles a tearful Kaku. When a neighbour suggests filing a police report, Paranjpe gets shocked and makes a promise to Neha.

Soon after, Paranjpe feels elated since his plan has born fruit, while Neha bursts into tears. On the advice of a neighbour, Neha contacts all of her acquaintances and inquires about Pari. But fails to get Pari’s information. Meanwhile, Yash feels overjoyed that the meeting went well. That’s when Neha calls him. But, on Sameer’s advice, Yash declines the call. When Yash picks up the phone the next time, Neha notifies him that Pari has gone missing. She goes on to tell him about the entire event. When Yash hears this, he gets astounded and informs him that he is arriving to her place.


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