Free Fire Indian Server is currently hosting special Diwali and Venom crossover events. While in-game cosmetics require spending them to buy diamonds and obtain items, these periodic events give players the chance to earn them for free. Redeem codes are another benefit to get free rewards in Free Fire. The FF X Venom event is offering a special themed bundle. In addition, you can get a sneaky clown weapon loot crate, free diamond vouchers and other in-game rewards via activated codes. Here’s how you can get special items and rewards in Free Fire today. Also Read – Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 Expected to Release on November 1: Check Details

Free Fire Rewards Today, October 21: How We Get the Venom Streetwear Bundle, FAMAS – Vampire Weapon Loot Crate, Other Rewards for Free

As mentioned earlier, Free Fire is currently hosting events to celebrate Diwali, and is offering rewards for logging in every day under the “claim daily rewards”. If you have logged in since the beginning of the event you will be rewarded with a FAMAS – Vampire Weapon Loot Crate on Thursday, October 21. Also Read – Free Fire Active Codes Today: How To Win Skeleton Wizard Mask Loot Crate, Poison Set For Free

To claim the exclusive We Are Venom Streetwear Bundle, players just need to collect 15x Carnage Tokens, which can be redeemed to redeem a rare character bundle in the Chaos Quest event. Also Read – Red Light, Green Light Mode Inspired by Squid Game in Garena Free Fire: How to Play

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Image: Garena Free Fire

Plus, if you’re looking for free diamond vouchers or weapon loot crates in Free Fire, these redeem codes will help you grab them without spending that expensive in-game currency.

Free Fire Active Codes Today: How To Win Diamond Vouchers, Exclusive Weapon Loot Crate For Free

SXE4 RLO6 YHBG – Sneaky Clown Weapon Smash Crate

XSEU RMKH BVCX- savage rebellion weapon loot crate

SWER 6YYH BGVC- Phantom Bear Bundle

YXY3EGTLHHJX- Cupid Scar Skin (7d)

ERT5 6Y09 JHBV-EGG Hunter Loot Box

AWER TIOB VCSD-Free Diamond Voucher

SERT 509U JNHB-Head Hunting Parachute

FFBCKOMPC3HZ- Justice Fighter / Barbarian Rebellion Weapon Smash Crate

9GJT66HNDCLN- Weapon Smash Crate

5G9LOY97UUD4- 1x Rebel Academy Weapon

GYXKT8U09BSF- Phantom Bear Bundle


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