In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Anand brings Dasan to the outhouse. Kalyani gets emotional when Dasan arrives home. Meanwhile, Vilasini poisons Akhila’s mind. Sivaramakrishnan shares Akhila’s decision with Aravind.

In the next episode of Chembarathi, Aravind is shocked on hearing Sivaramakrishnan’s words. He tells Siavaramkrishnan that he is going to confront Akhila about the same and calls her a cruel mother. Nandana pacifies Aravind and tells him that she will talk to Akhila in the morning about her decision to get the outhouse re-registered. Meanwhile, Kalyani pretends to be angry with Anand. Anand tries to make it up to Kalyani by making her wear the bangles that she loves. Later, Kalyani and Anand share a romantic moment. Dasan has a dream where his deceased wife appears before him and tells him that he has to love his children no matter what. She begs him to take care of Kalyani and love her unconditionally. The next day, Dasan wakes up with a fever. Aniyankuttan and Anand ask Dasan to take medicine and rest.

Dasan shares the details about his dream with Aniyankuttan and Anand. Dasan’s words make Kalyani emotional. Aniyankuttan and Anand feel bad for Dasan. Later, Akhila receives a call from her uncle. They discuss some important things in between which Akhila mentions meeting her uncle. She tells her uncle that she needs to meet him. She ends the call on a positive note. Meanwhile, Nandana meets Akhila and tells her about the INR 200cr project that she and Aravind have bagged. Nandana also mentions that the clients have a demand that the existing brand ambassador of the company, Kalyani has to remain the brand ambassador. Akhila is shocked on hearing Nandana’s words.

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