Gaurav Khanna, who is currently seen as Anuj Kapadia in Star Plus’ hit show ‘Anupama’, is having a fun round of ‘What Will You Worter’ with

Staying in a luxury hotel or camping out?
Going camping outside because we don’t get a chance to do that often.

Learning a new language or learning a new musical instrument?
A new instrument because music is a universal language.

Watching Movies in Theater or Watching Movies on OTT?
Always theatre. Always! As it is made to be viewed in that format.

Casual Dressing or Formal Dressing?
casual dressing. It is more comfortable.

Watching a comedy movie or watching horror?
Comedy movie anytime, Boss.

Living in pajamas or becoming a fashion icon?
Living in pajamas, I really don’t care too much about fashion. Its all about being comfortable.

Going without your phone for a day or sleeping at night?
Being without your phone for a day, sleep is most important.

Giving up sweets or giving up spicy food?
none i want both in equal proportion

Watching sports or watching Netflix?
watch the game! If I was not an actor, I would have been a sportsperson.

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