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  • Growing up, Neena Gupta was raped by an eye doctor and a tailor
  • “I dare not tell my mother about this,” she wrote
  • “I couldn’t say anything about it,” she said.

New Delhi:

The story of actress Neena Gupta being molested as a young girl has rocked the internet; An excerpt from his autobiography in which he details the experience is going viral – the book, to be honest, released in June. In the passage, 62-year-old Ms. Gupta tells of being molested by a doctor and a tailor; She was “deeply scared”, but chose not to tell her mother for fear that she would be told it was her “fault”. Neena Gupta writes in her book that she had a common experience, revealing that young women like her chose not to disclose the assault because it would mean the loss of the “little independence” they had.

Neena Gupta’s account reads: “Once I went to a doctor for an eye infection. My brother, who was with me, was asked to sit in the waiting room. The doctor started examining my eye. And then went downstairs to check other areas. Which were connected to my eye. When this was happening I was very scared and felt disgust all over the house. I sat in a corner of the house And my eyes cried when no one was watching. But I didn’t dare to tell my mom about it because I was so scared that she would say it was my fault. That I might have done something to provoke her. Said or did it. This happened to me many times to the doctor.”

The actress further explained how a tailor once took her measurements when it was “too easy” but she again kept quiet for fear of loss of her independence.

Neena Gupta writes: “I couldn’t say anything about it. I had to go back to them (the doctor and the tailor), why? Because I felt like I had no choice” and added why she had these terrifying experiences Kept secrets from her mom: “If I told my mom I didn’t want to go to her, she would have asked me why and I’d have to tell her. I didn’t want to because I was too scared and of what it was I was ashamed. I was done. I was not alone. Many girls in those days chose to keep quiet instead of telling their parents about it… We didn’t dare to complain to our parents Because it would mean that the little freedom we had will be taken away.”

Once Neena Gupta opened up on sexual harassment with her friends, she realized that many people have gone through similar experiences and it was “common”.

Neena Gupta shares various chapters of her life both personally and professionally in her book. She pursued her career raising her daughter as a single mother with fashion designer Masaba Gupta, former cricketer Viv Richards. Despite appearing in acclaimed films like Trikaal, Mandi and Utsav, Ms Gupta could not reach her full potential as a young actress. This changed after his blockbuster performance in the 2018 film Badhaai Ho, after which he was flooded with work.

Neena Gupta is married to chartered accountant Vivek Mehra since 2008.


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