When Juhi Chawla came on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ with Madhoo and Ayesha Jhulka, she had a lot of things to relate. Juhi recalled being shooed away by Mumbai cab drivers when discussing the film ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ (1988), which put her and Aamir Khan on the map. At the time, cabs in Mumbai would be plastered with posters for upcoming flicks. Juhi recalls when her film with Aamir Khan was supposed to be released nobody knew who they were. Remember that it was standard practice for cabs to carry movie posters at the time. There was a huge line of taxis below our building, so she went from driver to driver asking them to put up the posters. But none completed.

However, not all taxi drivers were willing to make room for a swarm of newcomers. They’d question, ‘Who is he?’ and Juhi would tell them he’s the hero, Aamir Khan. They’d then point to Juhi’s image on the poster and ask, ‘Who’s she?’ to which she would respond, ‘This is me.’ ‘No, no,’ they’d reply, shooing Juhi away. However, some people responded positively, allowing Juhi to put up the posters.

Aamir’s earlier this year flashback video, in which he was seen putting ‘QSQT’ posters on automobiles, went viral. Zutshi, Mansoor, and his sister Nuzhat would all get into our automobiles, hit the road, and stop cabs and autos. ‘Stick these, our film is coming out shortly,’ they would tell them. Some might agree, but others would not. They’d ask Aamir and Juhi, “Which film is it?” Who is involved? Who exactly is Aamir Khan? My name is Aamir Khan, and I’d want to introduce myself. Aamir and Juhi tried all we could to get people to know about their film.

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Juhi and Aamir would wait outside theaters after the film was out to observe how the public reacted to it. It wasn’t like nowadays it happens, when daily collecting numbers are public information within a day. Aamir and Juhi would stand outside movie theaters to check whether anyone was going in to see the movie. And they gradually realized that people loved their movie. Now isnt that a great memory to recall?

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