Mahima Chaudhry Opened Up About Bollywood: Mahima Chaudhry made her Bollywood debut with the film Pardes. Pardes Girl has not been seen on the big screen for a long time. However, she remains very active on social media. Meanwhile, an interview of Mahima Chaudhary is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which she has told how much has changed in the film industry for actresses.

According to Mahima Chaudhary, now actresses get better roles than before and they are also given a good chance in the film. Mahima Chaudhary said that now the actress gets good money, also gets good brands and is also in more powerful positions than before. Apart from all this, now the actress can work longer than before.

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Talking further, Mahima opened the pole of Bollywood. He said that your relationship used to have an effect on work earlier. If an actress was dating someone, then people used to write that they are only looking for a virgin actress, who has not kissed anyone. If an actress was dating someone, she would say .. oh she is dating. If the actress gets married, then forget the career and if the child is born then the career is completely over.

Talking on this issue, Mahima Chaudhary further said that nowadays people like to see the actress in different roles. Nothing like this used to happen before. The actress had to hide her personal life. Mahima told that earlier if an actress used to play the role of mother, then she was not offered any other role soon. Many actors also used to hide their relationship earlier and when their film was released, it was known after many years that they are married.

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