Anupama 16 October 2021 written episode, written update on Digihunt

Anupama gives an energetic speech to the contestants of the cooking contest that they should hone their talents, do whatever it takes to improve themselves and fulfill their dreams, she and Anuj’s company is there to help them, e.t.c. Anuj claps after which everyone claps. Anu says that Anuj deserves clap without whom she would not reach here, her friend Devika because of whom she does not leave the house, her Bapuji who always encouraged her. The contestants thanked him. Anu says that she has read a shayari that a true man is one who respects a woman. Anuj cheers them up and says let’s begin. Vanraj watches them live through CCTV recordings on his mobile. Kavya feels that she is calm and her anger will soon break out.

Samar runs towards the factory with Nandini’s letter. Anuj says that he needs to encourage the contestants to make them comfortable. She asks how. He dances with her to the song Sang Mere Bol Hadippa… Kinjal, Devika, Bapuji and GK are with him. Summer reaches the factory. Anu notices him and asks what happened. He shows her Nandini’s letter and explains. Anu assures him not to worry, they will find Nandini. Anuj listens to them and says that they will find Nandini and leaves with Samar and asks Anu to take care of the competition. Anu calls Vanraj who is busy with the grocery seller and disconnects the call saying that he will call her back. She thinks of informing Bapuji, but stops seeing him busy helping the contestants. Samar gets nervous before getting into the car. Anuj consoles her describing her experience when she lost her love and says that she and the entire family are with her and Nandini will get it at any cost.

Competition timed out. Bapuji asks Anuj to call Anuj to judge the contestants. Anu says he got some urgent work and goes out. Bapuji asks is everything fine. Anu says yes and thinks that in Anuj’s absence she needs to judge the competition alone. She tastes the dishes nervously. GK asks Bapuji why Anu is looking tense. Bapuji says he doesn’t know. Devika announced that the results will be declared in some time. Anu gets a message from Anuj not to worry about Nandini. Anuj tells Samar that he need not worry as his men are searching for Nandini.

At home, Kavya still sees Rohan’s name in her friend list. Vanraj asks who is Rohan. Anu enters as Nandini’s ex. Vanraj asks if Nandini has the former. Anu says she will explain it later and tell the whole story. Vanraj asked again. Bapuji says let’s discuss about it later and find Nandini first. Vanraj calls Samar, but Anuj picks up the phone and says that they are still searching for Nandini. Vanraj gets furious and says that he need not go as Samar has got the form of another father. Anu says that he had already asked her to support Nandini and Samar unconditionally whenever they need her. Vanraj continues the debate.

Samar and Anuj find Nandini unconscious on the road. Anuj gives a message to Vanraj that Nandini has been found. Vanraj is furious that Anuj is not picking up his phone and is only messaging. Kavya asks if Anuj is his girlfriend to take the call, it is important that his niece is found. Anu supported him. Kinjal thanks Bhagwan and says that Anuj is a good boy, he first brought Samar home and now Nandini. Ba remarks that even the rickshawwala brings them home, this does not mean that Will will do her aarti. Bapuji says why not if he helps them. Samar and Anuj bring Nandini home. The family goes to his relative. Anu gives him water and asks why did he do this. Nandini says that Rohan is unable to understand, so she thought of this step. Kavya asks why is she in a dilapidated state. Nandini says Rohan tried to kidnap her in his car, she runs away and faints on the road.

Vanraj yells at Anu and blames her for this situation and says that if she had informed him earlier, the children would not have been in this situation. Anuj gets angry, but he controls himself. Anu says she tried to inform him today. He yells that he didn’t before. Samar says that he and Nandini had stopped Mummy from informing. Vanraj says that he made his father a stranger and gave his place to someone else. Anuj says it is not Samar’s fault. Vanraj says this is his family matter and he should not interfere in it. Anuj apologizes. Nandini says that it is her fault that she did not inform the family about Rohan, especially for fear of Baa’s reaction. Samar says mummy should not be blamed for their mistake. Bapuji asks Anuj to sit. Samar hugs Anuj and thanks him. Anu asks her to think again before helping as she did endless favors that thanks is a small word for it.

Precap: Anu tells the family that they will kill Mahishasura tomorrow on Dussehra who has come as Rohan this time. Rohan and Samar fight. Anu regained consciousness.

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Anupama Posted 16 October 2021 Episode Update: Vanraj Blames Anupama first appeared on Tell Updates.


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