Bigg Boss 15 has been a roller coaster of entertainment ever since its day of launch. The show has been garnering a lot of headlines and all the contestants of the show are being talked about too.

Well, the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15 is going to witness a huge and nasty fight between Shamita Shetty and Afsana Khan. Well, all the jungle waasis were seen getting into a tiff over clothes and were seen snatching clothes from each other. It was during this that Afsana Khan will be seen kicking fellow contestant Akasa Singh. Afsana will later justify it by saying that since she was kicked first, she retaliated against it and kicked Akasa. This confession of Afsana will spark an argument between her and Akasa Singh all over again. Shamita Shetty who will be witnessing it will be angered by this confession of Afsana and will call her out for not being apologetic and accepting her mistake.

Well, Shamita’s statement will not go very well with Afsana, who will later be seen calling Shamita a ‘gandi aurat.’ Afsana will also be seen stating that she made a mistake by calling ‘a woman like Shamita her sister.’ Afsana’s verbal attacks will not be taken well by Shamita Shetty will then be seen calling her. In the meantime, things will be seen heating up to a level of violence wherein both Shamita and Afsana will be seen trying to physically attack each other.

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However, both the ladies will be controlled by the housemates. Karan Kundrra, who has always referred to Afsana as his sister will also be seen losing his calm on her and asking her to shut up. The entire situation will be seen getting out of hands when Afsana will be seen hitting herself and slapping herself in a fit of rage.

Well, Shamita Shetty or Afsana Khan, who’s side are you on in the fight?


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