Finally, the second task took place inside the Bigg Boss 15 house. In the new task, contestants had to take out the maximum quantity of sugarcane juice and every Jungelwasi was seen trying their best to win the task. As per the rules, the team that wins gets a chance to enter the main house and live with Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat, and Pratik Sehajpal. There are in total three teams – Tiger, Deer, and Plants. The Tiger team that wins had Vishal Kotian, Tejasswi Prakash, Jay Bhanushali and Akasa Singh. Later Shamita announces the Tiger team as the winner.

Soon after the task was resumed, Umar stole sugarcane sticks from Donal, which led to a spat between the two. All the Jungelwasis then got into a major fight. Each and every housemate stamps onto Afsana and it leads to a major fight. However after the buzzer rang, Shamita announced no one is the winner of the task, because Karan’s team had kept the bucket in the washroom, which later led to major fights and arguments between the housemates. The task also injured many of the housemates and later everyone blamed Donal for notching each and every one.

Miesha tells Shamita that she pulled her hair badly, and she notched her. Miesha Iyer also adds that someone does all this because the person is either jealous or is in major aggression, to which Vidhi also complains that Donal snatched her face. Also, the injury that Umar got is because of Donal throwing a bucket onto his face. Well, all these allegations on Donal lead to major arguments. Later, when Donal entered the garden area Shamita confronted her, and Donal said, “I know how to dodge, iska matalb yeh nahi na ki muje nahe mara gaya.” She then added pointing Miesha, “Apne phele muje gale pe scratch kiya and then mane kiya but mere nails hi nahe hai toh aapko kaha se lagi and muje aata hai dodge karna isliye me bach gayi and mane aap ko nahe mara hai”. To which Miesha replied, “Koi nahe kal ke task me dekha jayega”.

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Well, all these allegations hurt her, and she then walks into the changing zone and starts crying over the incident. Karan then begins to consoles her and tells her, “I’m not saying ki tu galat hai ya sahi hai, jo hua vo task me hua and that’s completely fine.”

It’s getting hard for each and every housemates to make themselves a part of the house and make their way to the main house. Lots of twists and turns along with the betrays over trust are happening this week. We can wait to see what really happens next in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


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