Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15 October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Vibhu in the guise of God calls Angoori. Angoori greets him. Vibhu says don’t greet me I am angry on you. Angoori asks what did I do. Vibhu says I ask you to stop husband, but you stop him. Angoori says I ask him to stop but he does not listen to me. Vibhu says stop him by any means. Ammaji come and catch what she is called. Angoori says don’t hold or else he will abuse you. Ammaji says he is no god, he is making you fool and says tell me who you are. Vibhuti says. Angoori gets shocked and says it is wrong you cheated me. Vibhu says I don’t want Tiwari to play Ram, he is a man of domination and I don’t want him to play that role. Ammaji says you want to do it. Angoori says I will not talk to you for this. Vibhu says Tiwari is also praying you know what he told Anu that I should play the role of Soorpanakh best suited for Anita. Ammaji says you both don’t deserve to be in monkey army. Vibhu insults Ammaji in English. Ammaji Gigli and say stop it.

Anu in his hall. Tiwari comes and greets him. Anu says come sit, you come early I was going to leave. Tiwari says I was going out too if you say I will leave you. Anu says yes why not drop me at Ravana Bhaiya’s house. Tiwari was shocked. Anu says yes Ravana Bhaiya told that there is a new doctor in Lanka who foxes the broken nose so thought of going there to fix my broken nose. Tiwari says sorry but what are you saying. Anu says why are you calling me Bhabhiji call me by my name and my name is Shurpanaka. Tiwari says what are you saying. Anu says my people told me what I am really. Tiwari says I think Vibhu’s talk has affected you so much that you consider yourself as Shurpanaka. Anu says it is the same. Tiwari says no you are not Bhabhiji. Anu says if you call me bhabhi one more time then I have to call my nephew Meghnath and ask him to beat you. Tiwari says I am asking you to forget. Anu says you will not understand like this, no problem, Kumbhakaran will wake up soon, I will ask him to take care of you. Tiwari says about this that Shurpanaka Vibhuti didn’t say anything it was me who said everything so that you and Vibhuti fight and stop him from playing the role of Ram. Saxena comes outside behind the sofa and calls him. Tiwari asks Saxena when did you come. Anu says when I learned about your plan I called him but he wanted a proof. Saxena says I think of disqualifying you but if you are deducting 100 marks. Anu tells Tiwari that this name Shurpanaka suits you as I can see your broken nose.

Come to Pelu Chairman and give him the slip. The Speaker read it out saying that I am confident that I will play the role of Shri Ram. The Speaker looks at him and says to do your part first. Pelu leaves. TMT approaches the Chairman and greets him. Speaker, ask what happens. Teeka says uncle we would like to accept our crime. Chairman asks for what kind of crime should I call police or CBI. Malkhan says it is not so. Teeka says what actually we did to play Ramji. The chairman says that everyone has created this circus to get Ramji’s role, the only thing left is to send him to Ramji to take the role of Ramji. Malkhan says we were about to kill our friendship and send Ramji but we soon understood and stopped. Speaker says what did you do and made fun of Tillu. Teeka cries and says I accused her wrongly, I put the jhumka you found in her pocket. Malkhan says I put wallet in Tiwari’s pocket. Commentary We all have committed this heinous crime. Speaker says now tell me what do you want from me. Teeka says we want you to withdraw the charge against Tillu. Says Malkhan and second you can ban us forever. Speaker says what are you talking about if there is so much love between you, you all are honest towards me and each other so I cannot ban you but I can make your score zero. The TMT chairman comes to the leg and says a big thank you. Teeka says I am very happy with what we did for our friendship. Tillu tells the chairman to score him zero but still I am competitive for the role of Ramji. Tika and Malkhan sing a song and leave.

Angoori and Tiwari in the market. Saxena comes and congratulates Angoori. A man comes and congratulates Tiwari. Tiwari congratulated him. Man says did you recognize me I am Raju and I passed because if you, eat sweet and feed everyone. Ti is sweet. Saxena asks is it posiyin in it. Raju says no. Saxena says I cannot eat. Tiwari congratulates him and gives him some money and says oops you want more ask me. Raju leaves and asks Saxena who was he. Angoori says I will say that he was an orphan kid, he did not have money for studies, Tiwari paid for his studies and now he became engineer. Saxena says it is very good. Angoori says that Tiwari is giving money for the education there for 20-30 children and has also opened an orphanage. Tiwari says you will tell anything. Angoori says everyone should know how are you and tells Saxena that he paid for 2-3 girls marriage also. Saxena touches Tiwari’s feet and says I cannot think that you are God. Tiwari says it is all because of culture. Saxena says only you are suitable for the role of Ramji in this colony and will give you 100 marks and leave.

Angoori says 100 points straight. Tiwari says its all because of you. Angoori says don’t shame me, if Vibhuti fools me then you will be first in this race. Tiwari says ask your maasi ki kid to return the money. Angoori says forget it if he takes anything from home then he forgets.

Vibhu is waiting for Saxena, sees him and starts acting and looks for Saxena and then shouts loudly. Saxena comes and asks what happened. Vibhu says seeing nothing it looks like someone has beaten badly I am jealous of you, you had betaline. Vibhu says no one beat me. I met with a small accident, some bones got broken and some got hurt. Saxena says seeing you feels different, I will pray to god that all your beating and mishap gets me. Anu comes out in panic and asks what happened, how are you, I’m sorry. Vibhu screams in pain and says I am fine. Saxena asks Anu why did you apologize. Anu says I beat her actually Vibhuti’s friend’s wife was sick and he was going to take care of her, don’t know what happened to me, I got very upset and beat her. Saxena says you know he told me that he met with an accident. Anu says you are so cute, you don’t want Saxena to feel insecure, so you lied to her that how you are a person’s gem, I have got your bandage in my eyes. Saxena says your bar is raised in front of me, I will give you 50 marks and 100 points extra for helping your friends wife because you care about your wife’s honor and leave.
Anu and Vibhuti celebrate.

Near the tea shop. Tiwari comes and greets everyone and asks for the result. all quiet. Vibhu comes and greets everyone and wishes Tiwari and makes fun of him. Tiwari makes fun of Vibhuti and they both start an argument. The president and Saxena come. Saxena says we have chosen who will play Ramji’s role in Ram-leela and I will tell who will play Ram. Tiwari comes at number three. Vibhu celebrates. Saxena asks him to stop and says the other one is Vibhuti. Tiwari celebrates. Vibhu throws his bandage and asks who is playing the role. Saxena says winner is Masterji. Masterji is in shock and says no one is happy if I got the role. Vibhu says what you got is playing the role of Shri Ram and asks Saxena to see his personality. Saxena says we checked his personality, he does not have any marks, we have also checked your horoscope and it is full of marks and Tiwari bhaiya yours too. Speaker gets a call and shouts at him and says there is an announcement that you know there is a pandemic going on so we can’t gather many people at one place so keep in mind that this year Ram Leela Won’t happen. TMT and Gupta get excited, celebrate and leave.

Angoori and Tiwari argue over wet towels.

Anu and Vibhuti argue with each other.

Saxena says divorce cases are increasing in our city, I researched that relationship breaks up after 10 years of marriage

to: Tanay

Post Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update : Saxena announced the winner first on tele updates.


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