Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with all the Swargaloka deities, with Brahmadev heading towards the Ganesh festival meeting, while Bhudevi slowly enters the muddy abyss, where the evil Hiranyaksha has dumped her and Indra finds out. It turns out that he stops telling Brahmdev and all of them that this is what he was afraid of. And tries to stop the evil with his weapon but Indra gets caught in the clutches of Hiranyaksha’s powers and Indra tells them to go ahead and inform Prabhu Narayan to help in this. Varun Bhagwan also takes leave from him saying that now he is going to attack there. Brahmadev along with everyone is moving forward praying to Lord Narayan on his path. Hiranyaksha says that now Varun Lok will come in his custody but Varun Bhagwan stops him saying that he cannot hold Varun Lok until he fights with him and Hiranyaksha tells him that he should not realize his powers. It’s stupid.

Bhudevi prays to Shri Hari Prabhu Narayan that he has only brought him so he only has to save him and Brahmadev is also informing that Prabhu Narayana is informing that no god can defeat Hiranyaksha while Hiranyaksha is fighting with Varuna God. . Goddess Lakshmi also asks Lord Narayan if he cannot be defeated by any human or God then who will defeat him so Prabhu Narayan says that it will be an animal who will take this incarnation to save and that animal from Brahmadev. will request to bring which only this savior part can do so the animal in the form of a cow named Hiraksh emerges with the powers of Brahmadev and Bhudevi praises him for coming to save him from Hiranyaksha while all the deities also Sri Praises Hari Narayan.

Varuna Bhagwan is confronted by the evil Hiranyaksha who is praying to Sri Hari while the evil one asks him angrily who is his Narayana or he is afraid to know about him but seeing his arrogance everyone is feeling foolish about him. Huh. Hiranyaksha is warning everyone that Bhudevi cannot be saved by anyone from this ditch and Varuna holds the lord by his chained weapon and tells who Narayan is, while Hiraksh, an incarnation of Lord Narayan, comes and drives him away. takes and jumps into the ditch, but when he didn’t, Hiranyaksha thinks he must have died in his ditch with Bhudevi and laughs and says who will save them all now, but the incarnation Hiraksh saves Bhudevi as his own. Flying towards his place carrying the tooth comes out of the ditch but Hiranyaksha is trying to stop the attack on him but the avatar Hiraksh overcomes all his attacks and keeps him in his original place which will save him. praises him for.

Hiranyaksha goes wild and Avatar starts attacking Hiraksh but Hiraksh defends himself with his powers and destroys all his weapons so he asks him who he is and Hiraksh says that He has not yet recognized him so he emerges in his true form of Sri Hari Narayan and all the deities. Bhudevi as well as praises Sri Hari Narayan for his immense form in her form.

Precap: Prabhu Narayan shoots his Sudarshan Chakra towards Hiranyaksha, but he says it can’t do him anything, but his head is cut off and his blood spills over Bhudevi’s place. A child was born to Bhudevi and Brahmadeva told Ganesha that Narakasoor was born so Ganesha says that it means he is the son of Bhudevi.

to: Tanay

Post Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Bhudevi is saved by an incarnation of Prabhu Narayan. First appeared on Tele Updates.


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