Stranger Things 4 is set to release on Netflix soon (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Nothing can compare to the production phase of Netflix’s Stranger Things 4. Season 4 which has been in the making since Eternity was on the floors for almost a year. Not only did bottlenecks arise at the production stage, but the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus also created problems for the team. Now that the future is starting to look clear, the team is opening up about the same.

If you know, Stranger Things 4 will revamp the entire show as the base is now relocating from Hawkins to Russia. Time and again, the team members have hinted at the increased scale of the show which is loved around the world. Recently David Harbor compared it to Lost and praised the tremendous action we are ready for.

The most recent star to talk about the Millie Bobby Brown starrer Netflix show is Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler on the show. He calls this season a mess and below is all you need to know about it.

Stranger Things 4 star Finn Wolfhard was talking about his hit show, according to We Got This Covered. Talking about working in season 4, he told how he worked on the show for 300 days shooting on the ground. He described the season as bad.

Finn Wolfhard said, “What I can say is we literally did 300 days of work, we just finished shooting and it was 300 days. Yeah. Like, I’m so glad they still cared. Because, you know, if a show goes on for so long, the producers stop caring. They cash in. And they really still care. The show’s really bad this season. is gonna be.”

Stranger Things 4 is set to release in 2022. Netflix recently released a teaser as a part of its Tudum festival. Stay tuned with Digihunt for more

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